Win a New Pattern! Dress Myself Monster Doll

Did you ever have a Dapper Dan doll when you were little? You know, the doll where you learned how to tie, snap, button, buckle and zip? Well, Amy had one when she was little and still has it today, and it inspired us to come up with a new design for the classic dress-me doll. Enter the Dress Myself Monster Doll!


Our version is  both fun to make and fun to play with. You can really use your imagination and combine a variety of fabrics and prints. We stuck with classic stripes and polka dots along with our own Crossroads Denim.


When you’ve unbuttoned the outer vest you are greeted by a second vest that is snapped. We used a thin vinyl for this piece, as it is easy to install the snaps on, however you could use a heavier cotton, such as denim, or another fabric that doesn’t need to be finished.


Under the second vest is a belt with a buckle and loops and a heart on a string that velcros in place.


Of course, the monster needs to have shoes! These tie shoes are made of vinyl with grommets installed. For the ties themselves we used ribbon. If you are wary of working with vinyl, you could always another material that doesn’t need finishing, such as felt.


Let’s not forget about the mouth! When unzipped the monster has a tongue that can flap out, and then be rolled back in.


This contest is now closed.


105 Responses to Win a New Pattern! Dress Myself Monster Doll

  1. Nancy Munroe says:

    Any child would love this doll. I would teach this in my sewing class! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Sandra Hawn says:


  3. Roberta Leonard says:

    I’d love it for when little ones visit our home!

  4. Loretta Miller says:

    I am a grandmother so of course I would make this little guy for my dear grandson! I might make myself one also!

  5. I have two great nieces, one great nephew and another great someone on the way. How fun it would be to make and then share this monster buddy! Thanks!

  6. Adrian Crossman says:

    Would love to make this for my 2 grand daughters! Such a cute idea and learning tool!

  7. Adrian Crossman says:

    would love to MAKE THIS FOR MY 2 GRANDDAUGHTERS! Such a cute idea and learning tool!

  8. Carol Sharman says:

    I would make this for my granddaughter.

  9. Karen says:

    I would love to win this for ME

  10. Lucy says:

    I would make one for my littlest kids 🙂

  11. Lou Ann Menditto says:

    I have two great nieces and two great nephews under the age of three who would love this!

  12. Char Morrison says:

    I would love to make this for my grandchildren!

  13. Kathy Chavez says:

    I can see this wonderful learning tool being awesome with Our students in Special Education classes!

  14. Bobbi Klish says:

    I would make this for my granddaughter!!

  15. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I work in a dementia unit at a local nursing home, and we have various things we give to the residents to redirect them. I think they would love a doll like this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Sherry jagels says:

    I would make one for my special ed preschool classroom !

  17. Carol Young says:

    Think my three year old grandson would love this. It would also be great for a day care or children’s unit at the hospital.

  18. Theresa McIlvain says:

    I have several grandchildren and those at church that I am “Nana” to. This would be so great.

  19. Cindy R says:

    I know my little cousins ( 1 boy & 1 girl ) would hug these monsters and they would play with all the sewn on goodies.. And I would love to sew the monsters. I am sure the monster(s) will be a standard baby gift item for me to sew. Thank You for the chance to win. Cheers

  20. Cindy R says:

    I know my little cousins (1 boy & 1 girl) would hug these monsters and play with all the sewn on goodies. And I would love to sew these cute monsters as well. Thanks for the chance. Cheers

  21. Lynn Paul says:

    I NEED to make one of these for my daughter…40 and a great sense of humor!

  22. Whiskers says:

    I would make this for a little girl that’s almost half past two. And I could probably find everything in my stash.

  23. Jani says:

    My first grandchild will be born in August – I would love to make this for him!

  24. One for myself and one for my neighbou’r gorgeous daughter!!

  25. Sandie Cornish says:

    Would make it for my neighbour’s gorgeous daughter!!

  26. Susan Strach says:

    I would make this for the little girl i am babysitting. She is just one and she is learning to do all of these and she would love it.

  27. Debra Cantu says:

    That Monster Doll is So Perfect!!:-)…
    I would Love To make that for our Precious
    Grandson and I would Really Enjoy
    One For Myself Too:-)!!

  28. Lynn w says:

    For my soon to be,
    twin granddaughters!

  29. Lynn w says:

    I’d make it for my twin granddaughters that are scheduled to arrive in October!

  30. norma stone says:

    our local nursing for rehap. Our fce club makes sensory items for them.

  31. J Carson says:

    I would make one for each of my 4 grandmonsters!!!

  32. GG Houghton says:

    Grand Niece’s baby girl due Aug 2014

  33. I would make one for my 6 month old grandson, Will.

  34. Amanda Martinez says:

    I would make it for my baby sister.

  35. Judith Martinez says:

    I would make one for my 2 yr. old!

  36. Jane says:

    I tend to make baby gifts before I have anyone to give them to. This will be made and carefully stored for the next friend who has a baby!

  37. Linda Majer says:

    My beautiful 18 month old granddaughter would have so much fun learning with one of these dolls and she loves everything her grandma makes for her.

  38. Tammy K says:

    I would make a couple for a friend with a 2yr. Old and a 4 m.old. and probably one for myself cause it is tooo stinkin’ CUTE!

  39. Sandy Holt says:

    I would love to make this for my grandson and for one of my granddaughters. Absolutely adorable!

  40. Rene Bolton says:

    I would make this for my daughter! How cute this is!!!

  41. April Mohr says:

    I would love to make him for my grandsons. My children had Dapper Dan when they were little, and they loved him. This is a wonderful modern version of Dan.

  42. Martha Bean says:

    I have an almost three year old grandson that I think this would be perfect for!

  43. Marcia Baptist says:

    I would love to make this for my grand-niece soon to be born baby girl.

  44. Sue Miller says:

    I would make one of these for my grandson.

  45. Sue Miller says:

    I would make one of these for my grandson!

  46. Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    I like monsters, and I have three nieces who would love playing with it.

  47. Millie says:

    I would make one of these for each of my 3 great-nieces and the great niece/nephew on the way!

  48. Kim Detweiler says:

    I think these would make a great fundraiser item for Relay for Life. Perhaps as a raffle item or direct sale.

  49. Jeannine says:

    for my great-grands. : )

  50. bobbi says:

    I would make the monster doll for my nephew. He is two and just learning and this would be a fantastic way to help him.

  51. Nicole says:

    I would make this for my adorable granddaughter. She’s only almost 3 months now but that gives me plenty of time to get it made for when she’s old enough. What a cute and educational pattern.

  52. Julienne Burns says:

    I’d make it for the special needs children at the elementary school.

  53. Julie Shirk says:

    Perfect for my new great nephew!!

  54. Nancy Angerer says:

    That is a really cute monster, and I would make it for a great grandchild.

  55. I would make one of these for my brand new grandson. With 3 older sisters he’ll never get to learn to dress himself without a little help. They think he is their doll.

  56. bonnie coleman says:

    My great neice would love to have a monster like this, she is learning to tie and button so he would be a big help for her… plus she has a new baby sister who the monster would get passed down to..

  57. Joyce Grantham says:

    Absolutely love this pattern. I gobs of your patterns. Love the easy of the directions and how perfect they come out every time. If I do not win this I will be buying it.

  58. Brenda Melahn says:

    My granddaughter Cali is beginning to take off her clothes, and she truly loves Monsters — this would help her put her clothes back on. Her Daddy had a Dapper Dan when he was little.

  59. Cheryl Reinert says:

    So very cute!

  60. Debra Dirks says:

    A group I belong, Seniors for Kids, Sun City Oro Valley (Arizona) sews toys all year to donate at Christmas to 7 different organizations that work with the working poor.

  61. Marina Guard Whigham says:

    I would love to make this for my 3 year old Grandson!

  62. Mary Ellen says:

    What a cutie pie! I’d make it for myself, for sure!!!

  63. victoria Oz says:

    I’d love to make this for my great-niece…and myself, of course! :] Thank you!

  64. Kathe Gardner says:

    Just too cute! Would love to have this. Thanks.

  65. Sue Parrott says:

    I would make this for my ten-month old grandson. His bedroom has some monsters in it and this would be a cute addition!

  66. Rindell Smithson says:

    My youngest grandson’s room is decorated in monsters. He needs this for his collection of new friends.

  67. Mary Beth says:

    No grandkids yet, but I would LOVE to sew this!

  68. JudyC says:

    Oh I have a 2 year old nephew and a 1 year old niece that would love this and play with it for years!!!

  69. JudyC says:

    Oh I have a 2 year old nephew and 1 year old niece that would have fun with this for years!!!

  70. Kathy Bumb says:

    I would make this adorable doll for one of my many nieces and nephews. It is educational as well as so cute.

  71. Marla Gilbertson says:

    I enjoy sewing for my 2 year old grandson Finnegan, and this would be a great project for his age. Some friends and I were just talking about Dapper Dan and how he has helped so many kids learn to be independent in dressing themselves. Thank you for creating an updated version!

  72. jamie fisher says:

    I think I will make one for my granddaughter

  73. Belivia says:

    I would make this for myself, it looks like a great challenge.I love the detail.

  74. Karla Arndt says:

    My 5 grandchildren would love these!!

  75. Myra Jane says:

    Granddaughter Anya is only 9 months but she will need this someday.

  76. Marilyn Cain says:

    My niece just turned one and she would LOVE this cute little guy. How wonderful that there are so many learning features on it !!

  77. Jane B says:

    I love monsters! I want this one for my quilt shop.

  78. Rose Ray says:

    In the fall I will be volunteering with the special needs pre-K at the local school. I would love to win the pattern so I can make them for the children. I would be so wonderful if they use these to practice on.

  79. Debbie says:

    I have a nephew who is one and a half and he would love this !

  80. Marilynn says:

    Think this would be great for my new great-grandaughter.

  81. Tiffany S says:

    I would LOVE to make one of these… have no idea who I’d give it to, but what FUN!!

  82. Sally garon says:

    My grand niece..

  83. Lillian says:

    I love the doll and think I’ll make it for my church auction.

  84. Lynette says:

    I would love to make this for my two great grandsons.

  85. patricia johnson says:

    I would offer this project to my level two ewing students to complete their child development study. these would be tudent in sixth and seventh grade. Right now the “monster look” is all the rage in sewing. It would also allow students to recycle fabrics and trims as part of our Reuse It effort,n

  86. Christy H says:

    I would make a couple of these for my niece and nephews

  87. Carol Coski says:

    I would like to win this pattern to make for my little great grand daughter Liliana.

    Thank you!

  88. Karen says:

    I would make one for my 3-year-old grandson! He would have a lot of fun with it.

  89. Nancy Horrocks says:

    My great grand daughter would love this ! thanks !

  90. Sue Crosier says:

    I would make this for my Grandson, so I love that it goes for both boys and girls !

    This is really cute, and I will probably buy the pattern even if I don’t win.

  91. Julie Anderson says:

    Such a cute doll. With 8 great granchcildren under 4 it would be well used in our home.

  92. Julie Anderson says:

    cute – have a new 5 week old baby that “needs” this.

  93. Jeannine says:

    I would make two of these, one for each of my sweet grandboys!

  94. Mary Dupre says:

    I would like this pattern to make for my Great Grand daughter she will be 3 years old in October. Thank you so much.

  95. Chris Snyder says:

    So great seeing great things for little boys!!!

  96. I don’ t know if this would be more fun to make or to play with?!? Too, too cute!!!!

  97. Linda Triplett says:

    My Grandbaby is going to need one of these!

  98. Jacque Burgin says:

    I have a brand new grandson. I’ve always given my kids interactive activities to play with instead of TV and electronics and will continue with my grandson!

  99. Raina DelRio says:

    I would make this for my nieces and nephews who are just now learning to dress themselves

  100. Tracy Snyder says:

    Would love to make this for a couple of little ones in my life, also a not so little one who I know would love it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  101. Mary Schreiner says:

    Yep, I need this for myself. I may be convinced to share with grandchildren one day though. (Hopeful sigh)

  102. Jane says:

    I have several nieces and nephews who would enjoy this

  103. Yvonne Bauer says:

    Would like to make for my granddaughter.

  104. Kate Thompson says:

    I’d love to make 2 of these for two of my greatnephews and greatnieces-their mom has left their father-who stayed home smoking weed for ‘pain’ and sold his pain pills for money to buy more weed. she is struggling to keep them stable while she works fulltime-the kids are 4 years old and 2 1/2 years old-they love to watch me sew, and i could make a doll special for each child.

  105. Carmen N says:

    My daughter would love this!

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