Fabriflair™ Brio Sphere & Bowl

Our Fabriflair™ series kicks off with the Brio Sphere! This delightful dimensional art is full of possibilities.

It’s a 2-in-1 package: Do you want dimensional art for that bookcase display you’re putting together? Or your fireplace mantle? Or, do you need a clever way to display your favorite vintage buttons or spools? Each kit comes with the templates and instructions to create two projects. All you need to add is thread, your favorite fabrics and we suggest adding the layer of optional batting (although not required).

The large size makes a 6 inch sphere or bowl, and the small size makes a 3 3/4 inch sphere or bowl.

They’re ideal for fussy cutting–fabric in your favorite team’s colors, or a way to celebrate your family’s favorite super hero, announcing your love of Star Wars in clever and fun conversational art, or the perfect way to display your favorite Kawaii prints or Liberty prints that you’ve been hoarding forever.


These Brio Spheres are truly a fabric lover’s delight. The faceted surface makes it a dream for displaying not just your favorite prints, but also needle art. They’re an ideal way to display your love of fabric and embroidery combined. To create a smooth surface under your embroidered piece, we suggest adding the optional layer of batting to your templates.

One of our favorite Indygo Junction designers, Marilyn Gash, loves working with wool felt. Here is her take on the Brio bowl featuring beautiful embroidery details as well as felt applique pieces.

We sure love recycling here at Indygo Junction! If you’ve got a stack of special ties you’ve been trying to decide what special project to commit them to, the Brio Sphere is a really great way to use and display them. We’ve also created a beautiful set in vintage bark cloth that really highlights those pieces you’ve been saving!

And, just a thought as you work your way down your 2017 sewing list. The Brio Sphere is going to be a little bit less stitching to put together than the Radiant Star. So if you’re really wanting to make a Radiant Star, but feel the need to dip your foot gently into dimensional paper piecing first, the Brio Sphere would be a great place to start!

Join us next time as we take a sneak peek inside creating a bowl out of Amy’s new fabric line – Vintage Made Modern: Kyoto.

If you make the Brio Sphere, or any of our Fabriflair™ kits, we’d love to see! Tag us on Instagram @indygo_junction and hashtag #fabriflair!

And, just a few more days for our Fabriflair Kit Giveaway, just one post back in our feed! Click here to visit that post and enter!





3 Responses to Fabriflair™ Brio Sphere & Bowl

  1. Teri says:

    Would love to make the Brio Sphere first and then some of the others.

  2. Judith Janes says:

    Our assignment in a college Group Dynamics class was to teach your group-mates something new. As a quilter, I decided to make the two (young) males and two older females in my group how to juggle. I used this pentagon pattern to make each person three juggling balls in their favorite colors, and filled them with short-grain brown rice. FUN TIME showing them how to juggle, first with two then with all three balls. The males were VERY competitive and determined to master the skill, while the women kept after it and did learn, but less aggressively than the guys. They all loved my project.

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