Enter to win a Quilter’s Prize Pack!

What does every quilter (or anyone who loves to sew) have on their wishlist? More fabric! Indygo Junction has teamed up with Red Rooster Fabrics & Simplicity Creative Group to give you a chance to win a the Quilter’s Prize Pack.

Quilting Prize pack from Indygo Junction, Red Rooster Fabric & Simplicity Creative Group

The prize pack includes:

  • One yard each of 13 coordinates from Amy Barickman’s fabric collection – Baby’s Childhood Days from Red Rooster Fabrics
  • 8 different Simpli-EZ quilting templates from Simplicity Studio
  • A selection of quilting books/patterns from Indygo Junction including Whirlygigs Quilt (IJ896) & My Christmas Best (IJ1033)


For more information on Indygo Junction founder, Amy Barickman’s process for designing fabric including images of the inspiration for the Baby’s Childhood Days collection (like the one above showing the book that inspired this collection), visit her blog by clicking here!

How to enter: That’s easy! Just post a comment to this blog post only telling us what you favorite quilt block is and why. That’s all! Don’t yet have a favorite or are you new to quilting? Take a look around our website and let us know what you’d like to try as your first quilting project! Post your comment before midnight on November 13th!

Good luck!

598 Responses to Enter to win a Quilter’s Prize Pack!

  1. Sam says:

    Drunkards path, classic, favorite.

  2. MJ says:

    Although I love all the vintage blocks, I am completely fascinated with quilt art and implementing the vintage block designs with a twist to our 21st century mind-set. Seems there are no limits to where we, as quilters, can go and I love that,

  3. Dee M says:

    I think my favorite block is the Cathedral Window block, but I also love the Double Wedding Ring and Log Cabin block. Also love simpler pieced blocks such as the Churn Dash and Ohio Star.

  4. Linda Tuyls says:

    I Love Grandma’s Flower Garden……reminds me of years ago in Grandmas flower/herb garden…..all the smells bringing a person back to simpler times….

  5. Debbie Mahlberg says:

    I love any type of basket block. To me they are very homey and with each and every one of them, I can imagine collecting all sorts of fruits, flowers, vegetables, buttons, fabric cuts, cookie cutters, bobbins, etc. Just lots of stuff.

  6. Jennifer Wright says:

    Hello! I love the Log Cabin quilt block. The traditional block always had a yellow center which represented the candle light in the window. Then during The Underground Railroad movement, the ladies would sew a black square in the center & hang on the porch or over the fence, signally that their home was a safe haven for the travelers to enter.

  7. Leah says:

    I am new to quilting and would love to win the prize to make a baby quilt for the new grandbaby we are expecting this spring! I like the more vintage designs such as the 20’s and 30’s.

  8. Janice Svercek says:

    My favorite is the simple 9-block patch. So easy yet can be so versatile and easily made into anything from vintage, retro look to modern.

  9. Jeanne says:

    The log cabin is my favorite quilt block. There are so many differents settings for this simple block.

  10. Margaret says:

    I haven’t done a great deal of quilting but “The Wedding Ring” is a favorite. I can appreciate how much planning and loving thought goes into each quilt block as one trusts it will long be appreciated on the receiving end.

  11. Janice Beitz says:

    I don’t have a favorite quilt block but I sure wish that Red Rooster would reprint Amy’s line of fabric called “Sewing Book”

  12. Nancy says:

    My favorite pattern is the Ohio Star, and not just because I was born and raised in Ohio, but because this pattern is good for including a picture on a quilt and/or pillow.

  13. Nancy says:

    I love the Ohio Star Pattern, not just because I was born and raised in Ohio, but this pattern is great for including pictures in a quilt and/or pillow!

  14. Diana Forsberg (nana) says:

    I love vintage fabric, nine patch and crazy quilts. Just learning to quilt has been so much fun. Want to do one for each of my 15 grandchildren.

  15. Joan Thelen says:

    Churn dash is my favorite, I love that simple old fashion look

  16. kathy h says:

    My favorite blocks are star blocks. I always have loved the Ohio star but recently have been making more friendship stars. I guess they look a little more modern to me.

  17. Barb Dawson says:

    Disappearing 9 patch because it’s easy, but looks like you did a lot of work!

  18. Judy Anthony says:

    My favorite quilt pattern is the wedding ring, but my favorite quilt is a nine patch that my grandmother made out of scraps from dresses she made for me as a little girl.

  19. Kim McM says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Pineapple, especially when it’s three-dimensional- each strip of fabric is folded in half lengthwise. As long as you stick to highly contrasting values, you can use any color- or all of them at once- and it looks great.

  20. susan green says:

    So hard to decide, the Basket is one, but lately trying to be frugal I have been doing a lot with the “scrappy” block.

  21. regina flynn says:

    my favorite block is the dresden plate. The ease of construction, and the fact that the simple pattern can remind me of the beautiful china patterns my grandma had. When I make the block i feel as if grandma is there with me.

  22. Anne says:

    I’ve seen my favorite called by many names, but it’s a series of petal-shaped colored & patterned pieces into a star design on a white field which form a circle. Depending on the size of the petals, it look either like a quilt of circles or a quilt of starts.

  23. Elaine Lewis says:

    I like the pinwheel pattern. It can look very different, depending on the colours/patterns used.

  24. Mary Shiflet says:

    As a child I remember a quilt pattern my grandmother called Around the World with a square in the center and squares added around each other until the quilt was the size you wanted. I still have the actual quilt she made. It is over 75 years old. I will cherish this forever. I have several others that my grandmother made, such as the Wedding Ring. My grandmother’s quilts were made with much love and are still loved today. Although the new ones are pretty, nothing can replace those from my childhood.

  25. Elaine Parsons says:

    I’m not a BIG quilter.I do like small size art projects. I guess I would claim Crazy Quilting as my favorite , as I get alot of enjoyment using recycled fabric.I bought the Permisson bag pattern to hopefully use up lots of wool fabric!

  26. jill redding says:

    I think I like the Churn dash the best. I don’t know why and the funny thing is that I have not made a Churn dash quilt yet but I have one started and I am making small churn dashes they are so cute!

  27. Robin says:

    It’s so had to pick one favorite! I guess my favorite block is the one I’m working on at the time, so right now my favorite is the sawtooth star!

  28. I enjoy the simple 9 patch!

  29. Debbie Dora says:

    I love the Vintage Inspired ” Storybook Stitches” red & white patterns. I ladore the nostalgia of it all! The bunnies & bears and garden play books give me so many ideas of things I want to make. I get so inspired my head starts spinning!

  30. Kathy says:

    I love anything traditional, but my heart goes to Crazy Quilting. You can keep the embelishment simple or sometimes find it hard to stop and say that it is finished. I love how it talks to me, and love being able to use any needlework medium and also incorporating mementos, vintage finds, to create something of the past and present for the future. It is like telling a story without words. Thanks

  31. Linda Sue says:

    I have never quilted before. But my grandmother,made one of all scraps of fabric.I’m starting to put ideas together,would like to try the flower garden or dresden plate. I see so many that are so pretty. I want to make a child quilt for my girls. Just starting out.

  32. Kathryn says:

    Sun Bonnet Sue-it is the sweetest quilt for a little girls room. I love using vintage inspired fabrics for the blocks.

  33. Evelyn Rivers says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Drunkard’s Path. Years ago, my Mama made a quilt in gold and bright blue solid fabrics (both fabrics in each block). I always loved this quilt, and somehow I ended up with it after her death. I am so honored to have it, and miss her so much. You are generous in having this contest, and thank you.

  34. Sheryl Goulette says:

    I have always loved the bear claw pattern.

  35. L K Smith says:

    I enjoy your blog. I love the wedding ring block.

  36. Cheryl says:

    I have a warm place in my heart for the pinwheel. I have a quilt my great grandmother made for me from her stash of fabrics from the 40’s- the quilt no longer has much colors – lots of washed out colors, the quilt is much loved and very tattered- pinwheels and solid squares. It is over 50 years old and still has a special spot with my newer quilts!

  37. Nancy Noel says:

    I absolutely love Drunkard’s Path for a block. I enjoy the challenge of the curved piecing and the variety it offers for different patterns. It has many choices for placements.

  38. Well I have been doing alot of Log cabin blocks, I like how you use colors from the same family on each side of the block and the many ways you can change the look of a quilt by rearranging the blocks

  39. Sonya Pardo says:

    My favorite quilt would have to be applique.
    Love landscape quilts with parts being applique with beautiful stitching for added detail. Thank you for this chance to share our love of sewing

  40. Sue Werkmeister says:

    I have always liked the log cabin for it’s multiple setting variations and I like the 9-patch, again for the many variations possible, but my very favorite is a technique instead of a block. I love Hand Applique !

  41. Diane Sanford says:

    I lreally like the Log Cabin pattern because when my husband and I married 5 years ago, I had a quilt made for him as my wedding gift to him. It was a beautiful Log Cabin pattern in blues, yellows and creams. We have enjoyed having it on our bed and have had many compliments not only on the quilt but the idea of it being used as this special gift.

  42. Carol Boudreau says:

    I love the star within a star block. I fussy cut the center with a picture I like and use matching pieces to complete the block. It’s a fun block.

  43. Stephanie Herron says:

    I do not have a favorite quilting block, and I am pretty much new to sewing altogether.I am having fun learning though.

  44. Stephanie says:

    I tend to favor more modern looking quilts where there isn’t such a defined-looking block. I really love strip quilts right now, too.

  45. Kenna Gaynor says:

    The different patterns and ideas are inspiring.

  46. My favorite quilt design is anything Christmas. IAll the quilts at this time of year are so very cheerful and everyone who receives on feel they just won the lottery (maybe not quite)

  47. Mary Dowell says:

    My favorite block is the dresden plate, my grandmother made each of her granddaughters a dresden plate quilt, when they got married, mine was on my bed for thirty years, I have now saved some blocks and made a small lap quilt for me.

  48. Joni says:

    For children’s quilts I love the churn dash…the design
    lends itself to showing off the fabric. My longtime love
    is the hexagon. I grew up sleeping under a fantastic scrappy1940’s one stitched by a great great aunt. I am currently hand stitching one out of 2″ hexis. It is
    a great take and go project.

  49. When I was a young lassie, on Thursday evenings, one would find me under my grandmother’s dining room table where I played with my dolls. Around the table sat my maternal grandmother, my mother, and five maternal aunts. They met every Thursday evening for a light supper and quilting bee. Together, they made each one a quilt different from the others. I am proud to have the Ohio Rose quilt which was my granny’s. It is my favorite pattern for sentimental reasons.

  50. Love to make stars, but dresden plates hold a special place in my heart as it is on the quilt from my great grandmother that was on my bed as a child.

  51. therealfrannie says:

    Stars are my absolute favorite style block – mainly because there are many variations and they are all beautiful. Everytime I see a star quilt it makes me smile. I love how I get inspired by them as well. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! This is an amazing giveaway! πŸ™‚

  52. Glenda Burch says:

    I love them all and lots of color. Log cabin is fun to do and can be so rich with fall colors and the log cabin pillow I did with Christmas colors is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. I love all quilt patterns and seeing what can be accomplished with various colors and patterns. I especially like the dresden plate, grandmothers flower garden and just squares of any size. It is amazing what happens when you put those pieces together! Thanks for a chance to win!
    You are so generous!

  54. Darlene says:

    I love the versatile log cabin.

  55. Judy says:

    My favorite block so far is ‘Road to Oklahoma’. I used this pattern to make my first bed quilt for my son who was headed to college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. It went together so easy and he loves his quilt done in orange, black and grey.

  56. Catherine Wegner says:

    I love the wedding ring pattern. Great giveaway…thanks.

  57. Peggy Reynolds says:

    I favor the crazy patch block because of the creativity and self-expression it allows. In “sane” quilting I enjoy the card trick block.

  58. Peggy Reynolds says:

    I do not do much “sane” quilting. I must say crazy patchis my favorite block because of the large range of self expression and creativity it allows.

  59. Jane T says:

    I love Cathedral Windows on a quilt.

  60. Nikki says:

    I love log cabin quilt blocks.

  61. Janet says:

    I have always liked the churn dash block. It was the first one I ever made. I also really like grandma’s garden.

  62. Karen says:

    I love the log cabin block for its’ simplicity and timelessness

  63. Karen Sanders says:

    I love the whirlygig pattern of quilts

  64. Pam Reim says:

    For a classic block, I have to say the log cabin is my favorite, in part because the only family quilt I have is a log cabin quilt from the 1930’s. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Marilyn Kirschen says:

    Log Cabin – you can do so much with it!

  66. Margaret Parks says:

    I have to say my favorite quilt patttern is a simple nine patch. Its such a classic whether made scrappy or controlled look.
    Just loving these fabrics!

  67. Michele Van Epps says:

    I love the versatility of the simple nine-patch. And then, there’s always the wonderful pinwheel…so many blocks to chose from!
    Love these fabrics!

  68. Sarah McDonald says:

    There are many, many that I love, but I keep getting drawn back to the simple nine-patch and the pinwheel.

  69. Michelle Earnshaw says:

    I love to sew, and have been enjoying ‘Vintage Notions’.

    I recently made an apron, using a “honeycomb” quilt block pattern, for trim. I made a heart on the bib portion, and a block of the pattern for the pocket. It is a pretty pattern, but I think it would take forever to do an entire quilt in such a small pattern!

  70. Judith Carlon says:

    My favorite so far is the second quilt I ever made, the Dresden Plate, that I did in a class at my local sewing center 5 years ago. I made it in baby prints for a baby quilt for my 3rd great-grandchild. I am thinking about making a twin-sized quilt using the same pattern for an almost-teenage granddaughter.

  71. Holly Love says:

    I am a new quilter. I was pleasently surprised how beautiful 3 inch squares can be when put together. I chose six fat quarters from the quilt shop in pink and brown and made my new granddaughter a beautiful baby quilt. I would have never guessed 3 inch square could be so stunning.

  72. Beckey says:

    Being a very amateur quilter, I have limited abilities. I enjoy log cabin, and would like to make a grandmother’s flower garden. It not only is a beautiful design, but makes good use of a variety of vintage prints. Would look awesome on my hundred year old bed!

  73. Marta Brandes-Miesner says:

    It’s hard to choosebut I think I love the Dresden Plaate Block the best-it reminds me of what the perfect childhood would look like! πŸ™‚

  74. Jane says:

    My 93 year old aunt gave me the first quilt she ever made. It’s a grandmother’s flower garden. She told me the story of swapping scraps with the neighbors and gleaning the cotton for the batting after the fields had been picked. Then laying the cotton as evenly as possible before quilting it on the frame in the parlor. Even without all the history, grandmother’s flower garden is my favorite!!

  75. June Winters says:

    The Ohio Star is my favorite along with just about any star blocks.

  76. Maureen Flax says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin, so many ways to use it. I would love to try the christmas ornaments and the quilted pocket bag. So many things to try, that was a hard decision.

  77. Nancy Myers says:

    My favorite block is the pinwheel. It can be altered in many ways and color placement can make each one look so different, but it is a simple block to make.

  78. I love the crazy quilt design and have made heart wall hangings incorporating embroidery stitches.
    Some of them can be found here:
    as well as on the above blog.

  79. Kris says:

    The Irish Chain is one of my favorites. It has so many different looks and is very fast and easy to put together.

  80. Amy Downey says:

    My passion is stars……any and all quilt patterns of stars I make…….could make baby stars out of the baby fabric……..;^)
    Amy Downey

  81. amy says:

    friendship star…. an oldie but goodie nothing says friend better than making or sharing a quilt

  82. Nancy Davis says:

    just one?? I love pinwhells and log cabins and several different star blocks. It just depends on the fabric and what I’m making the blocks for. love to try new ones though!!

  83. Srweezy says:

    I love the 9 patch. I have used it as the basis of so many of my quilts. I tweak it here or change the color layout. It has been so versitle for me. It has also taught me so much as far as using my imagination and taking it to the next level.

  84. Patricia Stroud says:

    I love applique blocks because I like hand sewing. Using the fabric I think I would have to make a center applique block of the girl or girls to match the fabric. Then drawing from the fabric colors make pieced blocks around the center applique for a charming baby quilt. I can draw so the center block would be a piece of cake for me.

  85. Diane Serex-Dougan says:

    I love crazy quilts. I have a family one that is dated 1889

  86. Valerie says:

    I love any star quilt pattern using using triangles. Just by changing the color patterns you can create a completely different effect. You can manipulate your squares to create many different designs.

  87. Marty Gaston says:

    I have my grandmother’s Dresden Plate quilt and have always loved it! It’s not large enough for my bed so I’m planning on making one to fit our queen size bed and have hers hang on the wall…I’m saving up enough vintage fabric for it.

  88. Rosalina says:

    Log Cabin, Crazy Quilts, and the Gee Bend quilts are my favorite. I love the vintage look. Many quilters work full time jobs, and still have home and family to take care of. still I don’t like the machine quilted ones. I love the hand quilted ones.

  89. Marie Gilkey says:

    My favorite quilt block to make would be the Log Cabin block. And it would be great to make one in these fabrics if I would win. Thanks for the contest.

  90. Dorothy Davidson says:

    My mother made dresden plate blocks when she was in school, but they never were put into a quilt. 50 years later, she gave them to me and I put them into a quilt, which she used for a few years until she died. I love that quilt and the dresden plate and the memories of it so much that it hangs in my home today.

  91. Rebecca Woodcock says:

    I like the classic Log Cabin block.

  92. Jean Blythe says:

    My favorite block is a funky house block. I love house block quilts and have made several. I love these fabrics, so old-fashioned!

  93. J Moore says:

    broken plate was the quilt that my grandma made & was my childhood blanket. Pretty ragged, but I still have it.

  94. milly says:

    I love the Lone Star block.

  95. Diane Standish says:

    I have never made a quilt yet-but my mom and grandmother were quilters-so I want to make one! The one my mom made me for my wedding was made out of fan blocks-so I have to say that is my favorite!

  96. Linda Willits says:

    my favorite block is a crazy quilt block..I love to embelish w/embroidery stitches and different threads.

  97. Jan says:

    9-patch — so very versatile!! THANK YOU!!

  98. Susan Adams says:

    My favourite is a dresden plate, which looks great in pretty florals or reproduction fabrics. A great way to showcase a collection of fabrics and fun to create.

  99. Mary Jane says:

    My favorite block is the “pinwheel’. As a new quilter I find it gives my work a sense of movement without being too difficult and by changing fabric I can add depth and style.

  100. Terri Jones says:

    My favorite block is the Bear Paw. You can do so much with variations on this block.

  101. Karen Schultz says:

    My absolute favorite quilt block is the Sawtooth Star. I made this block in my very first wall hanging and I’ve used it for years ever since. It can be made with all one fabric or assorted fabrics for the star points and can blend into any tye of quilt, for any season, or any holiday..

  102. Sandra Chavez says:

    I think I have to say the log cabin block. In my mind it is the most versatile to use. Any fabric style can be used with it (30’s, civil war, floral, batiks, etc) and the blocks can be arranged in a multitude ways to create unique patterns. Best of all, it is easy to make. Thank you so much. Sandy

  103. Anne Trudel says:

    my favorite block is the nine-patch because it is very versatile. You can add triangles to the corners of the rectangles to make stars.
    They can be cut in half both ways and resewn to make fun blocks I love to win fabric- so I can make “quilts for others” with the Quilting Angels sewing group.

  104. String quilts all the way in every design, old or new. I love them all. A beautiful hodge podge of fun for the one sewing it and the one receiving it. They are quick, easy and everyone can do it and enjoy. Thank you

  105. Kitty says:

    I like the look of just about all quilt designs, but the one I think I might be able to DO is the nine patch. I’m really slow with quilt patterns. I can do clothes, but making quilts is painful. LOL still I like to make them for babies cause they won’t criticize.

  106. Elaine Treanton says:

    Churn Dash is my favorite. It was the pattern I used for my first large quilt, and at the time I was living on Churn Creek Road.

  107. Anne Ormsby says:

    I made an Amish Square in a Square and quilted it within an inch of its life for a going-away gift. Loved the colors, loved the quilting. I want to make another one, maybe this time for me.

  108. Joan Collins says:

    My favorite block is the Star .

  109. Marion Collins says:

    My favorite block is the Log Cabin.

  110. Dawn says:

    My favorite is the pinwheel. I really don’t know why…I just like it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. Marilyn Collins says:

    My favorite quilt block is Sunbonnet Sue. It is so adorable. Thanks fro the great giveaway.

  112. Corrine Ann says:

    Favorite block, I have many! Log Cabin, Sun Bonnet Sue, Dresden Plate, Grandma’s Flower Garden, Sunshine and Shadows. I think all of them must be my favorite as I can’t just name one! The old patterns are my favorites that is for sure.

  113. Jo Isaac says:

    I really like Churn Dash. It can be used in all fabric designs and look great. Thanks for the chance to participate in your contest.

  114. Kathy Campbell says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this terrific package. I love your vintage site, blog, I follow it all. The fabric and designs bring back such fond memories of grandma’s and great aunts. Happy Thanksgiving!

  115. Angela Smith says:

    I also love the pinwheel. It reminds me of my childhood when I played with pinwheels spinning in the wind. Reminds me of days gone by. I forgot to mention that my Great Aunt had a wonderful stash of fabric she had saved through the years. She always let me get into her stash and bring home anything I wanted to make doll cloths. Did I mention I sat on her lap and “sewed on her tredle machine? She was the one who inspired my love of fabric and sewing. I miss her and her soft lap.

  116. Wendy says:

    One of my favorites is the Double Irish Chain. It can be elegant but simple with only 3 fabric choices.

  117. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    My favorite would be the log cabin,there are so many settings.

  118. Janet Arons says:

    I think my favorite square is the Eight Pointed Star. Reminds me of my Grandmothers quilt, made out of flanels. Made Cir. 1900.

  119. Denise Y says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Ohio Star because it is such a traditional design!

  120. ruby s says:

    I admire most of the fancier patterned quilts, but I like to make the more simpler block style varying the sizes so it does not look too regular.

  121. Adrienne Amdahl says:

    Gotta love the pinwheel block. Can do so much with it and it’s just a happy block.

  122. Eda Jewett says:

    I love the “double wedding ring” quilt pattern. It is difficult, but my grandmother left me with quilt pieces for more than one, so she must have loved it, too.

  123. Catherine M Sims says:

    I make my own templates out of cardboard I would love to work with these. I am always on such a budget I would rather buy material than spend on the extra’s.

  124. Sherry says:

    I think my favorite blocks are my embroidered blocks with two rows of border. I am a new quilter and will have new favorites as I try new blocks.

  125. Robyn says:

    My favorite block is ‘pinwheels’

  126. michele Milanek says:

    I love the Whirligigs. Also always a soft spot for Sun Bonnett Sue.

  127. Suzanne says:

    I love anything “9-patch”. There are many blocks that fit the description of 9-patch in that they have 9 blocks/square. The variations are endless, which is what makes quilting so much fun!

  128. Susan Hall says:

    How is it possible to have a favorite block when you fall in love with each one that you see? Just looking at fabric and seeing new blocks is almost better than eating chocolate! I think I would have to say that the Hunter’s Star is my favorite as it was the first quilt block I did, and it opened the door to a new magical adventure!

  129. Debi Rix says:

    I like stack and whack type blocks. They are fast and easy to make and very forgiving! Have a great day!

  130. Susan Poppe says:

    I like basket blocks.

  131. Kris Riddle says:

    My favorite quilt block is the log cabin. I’ve made so many and I like all the variety you can do with this pattern.

  132. Cindi says:

    I like my sister’s Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt that
    our Grandma made…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  133. Patti says:

    My favorite quilt block is Ohio Star because there are so many variations of the pattern.

  134. Paula C. says:

    I love them all. However, I love blocks with curves in them, so Hearts and Gizzards is a favorite.

  135. Toni Gilless says:

    I love to applique and am especially drawn to flower blocks. The possibilities are endless! I have not done much piecing yet but the Whirligigs patterns looks fun.

  136. Sharon says:

    Storm at Sea…I’m always enthralled by the illusion of curves created with straight sewing.

  137. Mel says:

    I love the log cabin because you get to use so many colorful fabrics in making it, or you can simplify with only a few favorites.

  138. grandmother’s flower garden….. I have one made by my grandmother of my mother’s dresses.

  139. Lois says:

    Starting at about four years old my Gramma would sit me down with a little pile of her fabric scraps and I could spend hours looking and putting together different pieces. I think that is why I have loved fabric all my life. I especially like to make Crazy Quilt made with pieces of all the sewing I have done. Lots of memories.

  140. Chris Manke says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Log cabin! It is so versatile and can be made to be modern/ abstract and also traditional! I particularly like to make non-traditional versions of the log cabin- similar to a crazy quilt.

  141. Jude says:

    A long time ago I made 4 log cabin pattern placemats for Christmas. At that time, my kids were young and there was not enough hours in a day for much besides them. Now that they are grown, I would love to try the log cabin pattern quilt for my bed.

  142. Ginger says:

    I love “Churn Dash” blocks, partly because of the way they look, but also, they remind me of churning butter–something that we did in the “olden” days. Happy memories! Thanks!

  143. Deborah says:

    My favorite is Log cabin. I am not the best with the color coordination, but I am learning! Thank you for the great give away!

  144. Elizabeth says:

    I love log cabin. When I think of a quilt this is the first pattern I think of.

  145. Rainey says:

    I love the Log Cabin for its versatility

  146. Kirsten says:


  147. sherry conrad says:

    I love the log cabin because it always looks organized when you are putting it together.

  148. Nita says:

    Working on Card Trick right now, but I’d have to say Log Cabin is my all-time fave. Goes together easily, no points to match, lots of layout possibilities. Friends are always having little ones, and our club makes quilts for the Children’s Hospital. After much petting here, I’m sure the fabric will get made into quilts that will be loved to pieces by children. Hmmm, need a new heating pad cover myself.

  149. My favorite quilt block has always been double wedding ring. I think it is because my mother made a quilt out of these blocks and I cherish it. I also like the meaning of the quilt block.

  150. Sherry Houser says:

    I love the versatility of the log cabin block! Love your new fabric line.

  151. linda says:

    My favorite quilt block is one that I make using my scraps. It is a bit wonky and that is the main reason why I like it. I also enjoy using up scraps.

  152. Terri says:

    I love the double wedding ring. My great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother pieced a double wedding ring top in the early 1930s, and my grandmother later gave it to me. It took me years to hand quilt it, but I love it!

  153. Marcyne Efraimson says:

    My favorite so far is the lady of the lake quilt block. But I’d like to try a pattern with random sized blocks filled with applique just for a baby.

  154. Joanne Goranson says:

    My favorite blocks are the ones I create myself! If I had to choose a block that I didn’t create it would defiinitely be an 8 pointed star block. You can do so much with this block and make it your own, depending on the fabrics you choose. I made a quilt for my neice using this block and she loved it. She wanted something that would go with a Monet print she had in her family room, so I made it with blues and greens. I have posted pictures of it and have received many comploiments on it. My neice now has a daughter who is five years old and she has told me that some day she will make a qullt just like it. I hope she does!

  155. I love the Mariner’s Compass pattern. It is always a challenge and the possibilities are endless!

  156. Carol in E TN says:

    How to choose just one is difficult, but I will say that Dresden Plates is one of my favorites. I love scrappy quilts and you can use many fabrics in a Dresden Plate!

  157. Linda Newcomb says:

    I’d love to make this into a Dresden Plate quilt. That’s one of my favorites.

  158. liannallama says:

    I like the simple 9-patch because it’s so easy and versatile.

  159. Sharon says:

    I am finishing a “Not your grandmother’s tumbling block” It has been fun to do and no y seams. I love the look, so vibrant in 8 (3 shades of each) primary colors using batiks.

  160. velia cane says:


  161. patty says:

    My favorite quilt block??? Maybe nine patch or dresden plate or antique tile or something appliqued? I love vintage inspired fabrics. I am making aprons and hot pads for Christmas.

  162. Jennifer Payan says:

    I love Pin Wheel quilt blocks because they look/feel so whimsycal.

  163. Becky PB says:

    I love the log cabin block because there are so many ways to change it around.

  164. Sherray says:

    I love a simple 9 Patch quilt. It’s so versatile and easy to piece and can take on many looks depending on the color placement.

  165. Deb Edwards says:

    Wow what a lot of comments! I liked readin them & everyone’s fav’s. mine are the Dresdan plate & Thru the Barn Door.

  166. Jan King says:

    My favorite is the Tumbling Blocks. I love the illusion it creates!

  167. Phyllis says:

    I love the disappearing nine patch. It can be sophisticated or made for someone young and youthful.

  168. Pamela McPherson says:

    I like the traditional quilts; wedding ring, double wedding ring, dresden plate, but my new favorite is the attic window. There are so many fantastic fabrics out now and this one lets you really showcase them.

  169. Jo says:

    My favorite is the old fashioned double wedding ring. I very dear friend hand made me a quilt 35+ years ago. She was also the wonderful lady that made my baby quilt over 50 years ago. I still have both and they are quite beautiful creations- Esoecially since each stitch she put into them was a labor of love done by hand!

  170. Gena Fausel says:

    I love the fabric images and like let them lead me into choosing the pattern to quilt or fashion. That way I get to try out lots of patterns & designs. The Childhood days fabric is beautiful.

  171. Susan N. says:

    I think Log Cabin is my favorite block. It can be laid out in so many patterns, it’s all straight seams, and I just love what it represents — a home with a heart. (I will always use red for the center!)

  172. Mary Dixon says:

    I am an applique quilter and love any baltimore album quilt block. I especially love papercut blocks. I am working on a quilt of just papercut blocks and find it so fun and relaxing. thanks for asking and giving us a chance at such a great give away.

  173. My favorite block is a pinwheel! But, I’m also partial to pineapples.

  174. Brenda says:

    I love the log cabin, but really because that is the only one I have tried. Would love to learn some new ones!

  175. heathquilter says:

    Love to make stars of all kinds–they are so versatile; also love Irish chains, Sunbonnet Sue, Log Cabin, Fans, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Dresden Plate, unique “picture” appliques!

  176. Susan Dugat says:

    Log cabin,hands down! Light and dark. You can make it in a traditional cotton fabric, in wool, in velvet, in baby design or batik . Love it!

    Love your site! So inspirational.

  177. Angela Smith says:

    The Sunburst Quilt. I had a Great Aunt Annie who never married and never had children, but raised many. I was one of her “great-grandchildren”. When she went to live in a nursing home, one of her quilttops was given to me…called sunburst…made from beautiful vibrant colors made from scraps from clothing of the many “children” she helped raise. It was the most beautiful quiltop I had ever seen. It was stolen from me by one of those roommate nightmare stories. My Great Aunt Annie was stolen from me from Alzeimers. I last remember her smiling from her bed in the nursing home holding a baby doll. She was snuggled under one of the many quilts she had made through the years.

  178. Sharon Lingo says:

    I have to say my favorite is Victorian crazy patch.I love being able to take different fabrics and put them togother in one quilt.

  179. Shirley Jones says:

    Favorite quilt block? Hmmm? If I had to choose a favorite it would be Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

  180. Jill Dykehouse says:

    at the moment my favorite block is the pineapple,
    my fav is always the one I happen to be working on since I never met a block or quilt I didn’t like πŸ™‚

  181. Reba Waller says:

    MY favorite is the Dresden Plate because it has so much character and I love doing the blind applique stitch by hand to connect the pieces to the main fabric. Just wonderful therapy!

  182. Patricia Graefe says:

    My favorite is the log cabin pattern. I can use so much of my stash and arrange the squares in different ways.

  183. Susan says:

    I love the wedding ring and dresden plate patterns. They evoke a nostalgia and require a degree of skill to create that I appreciate. Many are made of an array of different fabric patterns and colors that make them so interesting and pretty. One of my vintage quilts, my favorite, is made of small scraps left over from other projects and has over 100 different fabrics!

  184. Leena Salleh says:

    My favourite is the log cabin….since it is strip friendly…..and the effect it gave once a block or quilt is done

  185. anita butler says:

    I adore both the fan and the pin wheel. When I was a bout 5 years old my gramdmother made a fan quilt by hand. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It is still my favorite!

  186. Cary Jacobs says:

    I love the nine patch, there are so many things you can do with it, add to it, and slice it up. These fabrics are beautiful and would be great to make something wonderful out of for Christmas!!!

  187. Lee Ann Bailey says:

    I love the wedding ring quilt block. Just a sentimental fool!

  188. jeanne says:

    The log cabin is a favorite, you can do so many ways. The nine patch is fun also .

  189. Jane Bergquist says:

    I’m addicted to English Paper Piecing and the Grandmother’s Flower Garden seems to be my favorite block. Loving how they look put together and remind me of simpler times when I was a child – before all the technology took over my life!

  190. Barbara Heffernan says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin. There are so many ways this block can be used and always look different. It is also a great block to use up scrap pieces of fabric of all shades.

  191. Trudy Stubbs says:

    I am partial to Ohio Star. It can be so versatile, and take on many differnt looks. I have made it using many differnt styles of fabric. It’s hard to beat an Ohio Star!

  192. Sheila Haddad says:

    My favorite block would have to be a house block! You can make them be anything from Dracula’s castle ( my Halloween quilt this year!) to sweet dollhouses… But really…let the fabric dictate the block: these are charming!

  193. Joyce F. says:

    The log cabin block is the first one I knew about since my grandmother made it into a quilt for my parents & the backing is paisly. I love all blocks because they are each unique. And I love the vintage redwork quilts…I do a lot of redwork embroidery. Thank you for a chance to win your wonderful prize.

  194. Meredith says:

    I love the versatile 9-patch block. It can be changed in so many ways by colour, resizing, morphing etc.

  195. Suzanne says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite block! πŸ™‚ My favorites are pinwheel, sawtooth star and log cabin. Thanks for the chance to win!

  196. Janice Hill says:

    I love star blocks. I think the broken star is my favorite

  197. mary ann blazevich says:

    Storm at Sea is my most favorite quilt pattern – it is appropoe since we live near Puget Sound where a sudden squall will churn up the waters. I love to watch how the wind and the rain shift the mood here in the Northwest. And, of course, my favorite color is navy blue, mixed with turquoise and aqua. Thanks and sincerely, Mary Ann

  198. Donna McDonald says:

    I find myself drawn to scrappy guilts. 1/2 square triangles are my favorite. I know that is not exactly a block, but…
    I love to see them in the 30’s and 40’s material. But I also love to see them in the new bold colors. Oh well, I like it all. So many ideas and so little time. Quilt on!!

  199. lynn says:

    I love the Dresden plate. I have one that my mother made with fabrics from her clothes, my clothes, and my children’s clothes. It is so special!.

  200. Maureen Baker says:

    My mom made a Flower Basket quilt out of chintz and that may have been my favorite. I just finished my first top that is a called Lasagna.

  201. Beautiful. Would love to win this.

  202. Paula ann Hagar says:

    I have loved the Sunbonnet Sue Pattern since I was little, but my favorite quilt is a simple inch square design made by my aunt the winter she came to teach me to quilt. She cut up my rag bag and old clothes we had worn and kept me at the quilting frame till my fingers were bloody with pin pricks. It was the best of winters.

  203. Janelle says:

    If I would choose a quilt block it would be the wedding ring. But, my mother quilted mostly applique. I have her dogwood quilt that she did the year my father passed away, almost 40 years ago. (He was 52 years young) So many precious stitches and tears are in that quilt. My mother has done almost a quilt a year since then and given them to family members.

  204. Janice Brown says:

    I have not made my first quilt yet but have a good stash started as well as quilting books and patterns. Picking a favorite pattern is like picking your favorite child. I just can’t do it ! There are so many patterns that I love! The fabric colors and prints are what makes the favorite one for me. I love these vintage fabrics and would love to win them. I have a pattern in mind that I would love to use them in. I know it would make it special.

  205. Sandy Goodson says:

    My favorite is the Ohio star. I love stars and am originally from Ohio so it’s a perfect match for me!

  206. Madgeline Cluck says:

    I love the pinwheel, especially with vintage fabric on a white background, but my favorite is Sunbonnet Sue that my granny made. I only have to touch one of her quilts to feel the connection to her.

  207. Sherry Kane says:

    I love the pinwheel blocks. They work up quick and easy for me. Thanks for the chance to win fabric.

  208. Mary Bednarowski says:

    Snails Tail and pinwheel are my favorites. But I also love so many. Thanks again for another fun give-away! Your ideas, patterns website… make my quiltie heart sing!

  209. Harriette Wheatley says:

    My favorite quilting block is the 9 patch.
    it is an old one, which i like, but also is easy for a beginner. I also like the way that the 9 patch shows off the fabrics used and is very versatile..

  210. Tina Stopa says:

    I like the Log Cabin with a red square in the center.

  211. Christine says:

    My favorite block is the snail tail block (at least that’s what I call it…) it’s got two swirls that interlock in the center. I also love any block that uses half square triangles- they are fun to mix together!

  212. Connie says:

    I love many quilt blocks like rail fence and churn dash, but flying geese seem to be my trademark. Almost every quilt I have made the last couple of years has had flying geese blocks!

  213. Denise Schmitt says:

    I am not a quilter (yet) but have always wanted to. I love all the vintage fabric. I just recently moved into an older home so have lots of inspiration.

  214. Mary Mac says:

    Anything to do with baby quilts and patterns. I also like crazy quilts.

  215. Olivia says:

    Although not a quilter, per se, I love fabrics, especially vintage to use in my multi-media art.

  216. Lorraine says:

    This is hard because I really don’t have a favorite quilt block. I let the fabric tell me what I need to do or already have a project in mind. With this collection though I would use pinwheels. And make a quilt for my new grandson!

  217. Linda Loree says:

    My favorite block is one with applique in it! After that comes the dresdan plate! Thanks for an opportunity to enter!

  218. Susanne Alexander says:

    I love churndash. It reminds of the very first quilt i received as an infant. My great-aunt Ivy, who is 100 and still quilting, made it for me. It is so simple but brings back such great memories of an amazing woman!

  219. karin mullins says:

    I love, love Grandma’s Garden. This fabric selection would make a beautiful quilt.

  220. Robin Anderson says:

    I love anything with a vintage feel to it. I reminds me of my Great Grandmother, she always had a quilt on.My favorite is th eSun bonnet sue….

  221. Raabia says:

    My most favourite block is the crazy quilt block, this allows me to mix fabrics of all kinds and to utilize my embroidery skills to its utmost.

  222. Dee in Oklahoma says:

    Oh, that one is easy to answer…it is the Log Cabin..it is a cozy, home feeling pattern to me. I have a quilt with that pattern and love looking at it. The light and dark contrasts and the little cabin in the middle of each block. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  223. What lovely fabrics and such a generous giveaway.

    Thank you for the chance!

    My favorite block remains the 9 patch block. It just takes me back to my Grandmother and it’s one I use over and over again.

    Thank you.

  224. Barbara Bueow says:

    I too like the pinwheel because it allows so many variations, and is cheerful!

  225. I love the pinwheel block, because of the movement and twirling of the blocks. There are several variations of it. Most of all, I like using a variety of fabrics from my stash; although, I usually purchase new fabrics to complete the project.

  226. Ellen says:

    I love quilts that are made from the older styles, not so much the more modern ones. I made a pillow from the Honeymoon Cottage pattern years ago. One of my favorite things to do is to look at new quilting books. Quilts are an ebay favorite search on mine. I have a nine-patch quilt that is approximately 75 or so years old. That is special because it was my mother’s.

  227. Mary Carl says:

    I never met a quilt block I didn’t like! But I am partial to star quilts. They can have so many interpretations. Thanks for the great sites and contests.

  228. Judy Colpack says:

    I love the log cabin pattern because it can be “flipped and flopped” into all kinds of designs. I also love the Sunbonnet Sue design because my mother did 7 blocks of “Sue” in the late 1920’s, put them away for YEARS. I finally rescued them from the bottom of a drawer and incorporated them into a beautiful quilt — her Mother’s Day present 12 years ago. A beautiful reminder how quilting is “forever”!!

  229. Cathy says:

    I like the simple nine patch for it’s many options. However, string quilts are also awesome to make and utilize many fabric scraps. Your beautiful fabrics would be fun to use in creating these patterns. Thanks for the great contest.

  230. Lori says:

    Hi I love so many blocks also! My favorite is the Grandmothers flower garden, I love to hand piece, and the hexagons are so fun to do!

  231. Janet says:

    Grandma’s Flower Garden because that was a quilt my grandmother made me and was the first quilt I made.

  232. My favorite traditional block is log cabin. I love the variations using different colors and designs. Love your website…..

  233. Marleen says:

    I love the Lone Star block, It is no doubt one of the most beautiful but challenging blocks out there. I love the points and angles and it is gorgeous in any fabric and any size. After making the Lone Star you can smile and say “I can do this!”

  234. Teressa says:

    I am still new to quilting but I tried my first hand at a handmade quilt the year my husband passed away. I took his shirts and made two pinwheel quilts, one for my daughter and one for myself. I guess so far the pinwheel is my favorite and I enjoy being able to look at the quilts and say he loved this shirt or this one was a favorite one he loved to wear. My daughter loves hers also.

  235. Kathy Chavez says:

    I can’t name a favorite as quilting is my passion. I collect old quilts. I am astounded at the artistry and talent of the ladies who made them so long ago. When I make a quilt the fabrics lead me to a pattern.

  236. millie says:

    my favorite is the crazy quilt block because it is the most forgiving

  237. Patti Taylor says:

    I love Grandmother’s Flower Garden! It uses a lot of different fabrics, thus whittling away at my leftovers from other projects, and, since it is put together by hand, is portable. Living in a remote area, we travel a lot, even just to go shopping. I can get a whole quilt top done in a short time just by taking it along on road trips!

  238. KarenK says:

    My favorite is Crazy Quilts! I love the bling and all the beautiful stitches that keep me fascinated either by looking over others quilts or taking the time to make my own! It is so meditative, although slower to do!!

  239. Pat says:

    I love the pinwheel block. For me it represets simplicity and freedom.

  240. Mary says:

    Sunbonnet Babies. I still have and display the quilt my grandmother made me over 60 years ago.

  241. Judy Sleight says:

    Quilting has been in my family for generations and I am happy to say that it continues even after me. These patterns are timeless and beautiful, as are the fabrics you offer!

  242. Jessica says:

    I am brand new to quilting, so no favorite block here… I am learning all I can now, in order to start my first one… I think I will start with the 1600 style quilt (sewing together strips from a jelly roll) before I get into any block style quilts… It is intimidating, but also exciting, to start into this new craft! πŸ™‚

  243. Angela King says:

    Dresden plate, without a doubt. Not only because they are beautiful, but it allows you to use tiny scraps of fabric left from other patterns. Looking at a Dresden plate quilt top that you or a loved one made is a fabric junkies trip down memory lane and all the sewing projects that came before.

  244. Nancy Bekofske says:

    The Nine-Patch can be used in so many ways with so many blocks. It is so basic. But my favorite to look at are appliqued beauties like Whig Rose!

  245. Nancy says:

    Simple! The 9 patch because it is so versatile and so many designs can be made from it.

  246. shay says:

    Love the star quilt. I grew up with. One of these on my bed.

  247. Maxine says:

    I think my favorite is the star. There are so many variations. I just finished a Christmas star quilt.

  248. Helen Brown says:

    My favorite is the log cabin block because you can use intentional colors or scraps, any width of strips and make the blocks small or large, using them alone or with others to make larger patterns.

  249. Maria L. says:

    My favorite is the schoolhouse block. I love images of houses!

  250. Sylvia Fuller says:

    I love cathedral windows. I am not an accomlished quilter, but an enthsiastic one!!!

  251. Peg Miller says:

    I love the good ole 9-patch…teaching it around swimming pools at hotels has allowed me to meet some very sweet ladies from around the world.

  252. Brenda says:

    The pinwheel is my favorite!!!

  253. slogan says:

    I love the log cabin. I find looking at is mesmerizing! Although, the wedding ring pattern is beautiful too!

  254. I am a new Quilter and so right now I am loving the 9 block. I am looking to broaden my quilting horizon more detailed quilting.

  255. Judy says:

    I love to look at quilt blocks, kind of like reading recipe books!!! And I love the log cabin block, along with many others.

  256. Janice Ray says:

    I love the Ohio Star. I saw a quilt made with the Ohio Star in a magazine several years ago. It was so beautiful that I wanted to quilt even though I had never tried before. I was lucky that the block was easy enough for a beginner, even placing the blocks on point.
    I made the quilt and have been hooked ever since.

  257. Jan M says:

    Dresden plate is my favorite, it reminds me of my grandmothers and their homes from back in the 1950s.

  258. Diana Pike says:

    My favorite is the log cabin. It is so country and can use up a lot of my scraps!

  259. Linda LUggen says:

    Card Tricks

  260. Jennifer says:

    My favorite quilt block is dutchman’s puzzle. It was the first block that I ever made and since then I have a special place in my heart for it.

  261. Cheri Johnson says:

    Baby quilts are my very favorite. I love the snowball quilt since I can add machine embroidery to the quilt easily.

  262. Becks Patrick says:

    Log Cabin block. It is the first “big” quilt I ever made for my daughter. I love the symmetry of it.

  263. Peggy Rogers says:

    I have many favorites, but I like Drunkard’s Path.

  264. Denise S. says:

    The friendship star or the log cabin. These two are always around me somehow, my go to blocks in a pinch. I am using the log cabin right now as a filler in a lap quilt.

  265. Vera Collier says:

    I’d have say my favorite I’d the Ohio Star. I now live in Northwest Michigan, but the Ohio Star reminds me tha my roots are from Ohio. My very first quilt wa an Ohio Star.

  266. Leanna says:

    How to name just one favorite quilt block. It’s hard. I guess because of its beauty, I would pick Mariner’s Compass.

  267. Patricia Davis says:

    Grandmothers Flower Garden is my favorite because it reminds me of my grandma and it is not seen that often. I would love to win your prize and thank you for the opportunity.

  268. Darlene Newell says:

    My favorite block is Sunbonnet Sue. She’s a great way to use up scraps and she always brightens up a room with her friend Overall Sam.

  269. Susan DeGrasse says:

    My favorite block in the snowball as it can be used for various different quilting patterns.

  270. Laura Sue Parsons says:

    I’ve recently made a sweet flower bud block called buttercup that I’m mixing in with other mini blocks for small table runners and wall hangings. So fun to piece.

  271. Beth says:

    Being from Ohio, I love the Ohio Star–it allows for big shots of beautiful fabric. And, this is therapy. Lord knows, I need therapy!!

  272. Chris says:

    I don’t think I can pick just one block but I always come back to simple 9 patches and basic stars. Lately I’ve been sewing a lot of snowballs, they are a lot of fun.

  273. I’m a stars gal. Any kind of star, I like it.

  274. Nikki says:

    I love to see quilts with star patterned blocks, and the color combinations are unlimited, from traditional to contemporary color schemes.

  275. CC says:

    I love any block with stars! Your designs always look so fresh – keep them coming!

  276. Grace Brown says:

    I am still a ‘remedial’ quilter…lol!,,,,
    I have been in 4 ‘Quilt Block Swaps’…
    I can say for now, my favorite block/pattern is the ‘Disappearing~9’… easy, not fussssy and fun to see what comes out….!

  277. Laura Haskell says:

    Log Cabin is my favorite, it lends itself to all fabric, tradjtional, country, cottage charm, even mod fabric. It is one of the oldest traditional block that can be made as modern as today’s fabric, or tea dye reproduction fabric and you are back in yesteryear!

  278. MelodyJ says:

    I like the North Star because it was one of the secret codes for the underground railroad.


  279. Cindy says:

    I’m just starting out, but my favorite block so far is Clay’s Choice, because I love pinwheels–they’re so cheerful, and it’s a little more complex than a basic pinwheel, but still very simple to try out. THey also make pretty patterns when you mix up the colors.

  280. Teri says:

    Stars, perfect for any reason. Can be subtle or very bold depending on fabric choice!

  281. Cindy Vidor says:

    That’s easy. Any star block. I love stars. I quilt mostly the old fashion pieced blocks. It is my passion. The fabrics in the giveaway look so scrumptious!

  282. JanP says:

    This fabric is just so so lovely, it’s nice to know what the inspiration was too. I’d like to try the quilt A to Z, or the laptop keeper. I’ve never done a pieced quilt, I might be driven over the edge trying to get all those iddy bitty pieces perfectly set next to each other!!

  283. Janet Glynn says:

    I teach Sampler blocks of all skill levels, but my favorites are still the old fashioned blocks of yesteryear. The Wedding Ring is perhaps my favorite for it symbolizes unity and never-ending circles of love!

  284. Karen says:

    My favorite quilt block is the log cabin. It looks great with so many fabrics from 30’s prints, civil war, or batiks. It can be arranged in so many ways with different effects that it is just timeless. And, it’s also so much fun to make.

  285. Cheri Hage says:

    I Love the Ohio Star because it’s great in solids or prints and you can highlight embroidery or center a fussy-cut piece in the middle~there is a lot of variety to its design. .but I really just like the simple design in solids and cream or solids and black πŸ™‚

  286. Mary Wippold says:

    I don’t know if I have a favorite quilt block.
    One that I really do like is Cross and Crown because of the secondary pattern .
    Good luck to all!

  287. Cindy Norton says:

    I love the pin wheel using different fabrics makes each one look different. Love your fabrics.

  288. Donna Rae says:

    At this time I am into paper piecing so I like to paper piece stars. So stars must be my favorite at this time. Great Contest. Thanks for the Chance!

  289. Therese says:

    Ohio Star! I could make them for hours! Thank you for the giveaway, the fabric is lovely.

  290. Mary Whipkey says:

    Great fabrics to make baby quilts, and we are expecting a new grand baby is a couple of weeks. I would use the fabrics for that. I love the log cabin.

  291. Patricia Purkey says:

    I guess my favorite is the simple nine patch. You can make about anything out of it. All you have to do is add color.

  292. Dorothy Ransom says:

    I love the nine patch- I’m doing a quilt with nine patch now – Next week it’ll probably be different.

  293. Sharon says:

    I love log cabins because they are easy to make and can be set in so many different ways.

  294. shelly sandy says:

    I love one of the old Chinese Lantern patterns from Aunt Martha’s Workbook from the 1930’s. Just LOVE that one in particular.

  295. Jan says:

    It’s hard to argue with my old favorites – log cabin and almost anything with hexagons. But I’ve recently been drawn to the Hunter’s Star and have come across a paper pieced pattern for it which I’d love to try. Thanks for another great opportunity to win something lovely.

  296. Tracy says:

    Lonestar is my new favorite. I change with every quilt I make.

  297. Maureen E. says:

    My favorite quilt block is the log cabin.
    First because many years ago it was the block that my quilt guild chose for members to make for a quilt that we later donated to a local volunteer First Aid Squad. They held a raffle & funds raised helped to buy much needed equipment.
    . Second because I would love to live in a log cabin someday, just a dream!!

  298. Mary Ann says:

    My grandmother loved the Drunkard’s Path block because she could get so many different looks from it. So it is now my favorite as it reminds me of her and her fingers so bent from arthritis but piecing and quilting up to her death at 92. Thanks Nanny for sharing your love of quilting.

  299. Shirley in Canada says:

    Favorite block would be the log cabin but starting to fall hard for the pineapple block too!! I like to work with scraps and these both work wonderful with them! Thank you!

  300. Linda Mattson says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin because it is so versitile. Just by spinning the blocks you can change the way the quilt will look.

  301. Alice Fecskovics says:

    My favorite quilt block is the log cabin. There are so many variations one can create by cutting the strips into different sizes or creating new designs by sewing irregular shaped pieces. I’m always amazed when a new design emerges only to discover that it’s a variation of the faithful log cabin!

  302. Karen Driessen says:

    I like card trick. It always looks tricky!

  303. Gillian says:

    I love Ohio Star which makes up into beautiful quilts. Cathedral windows is perfect for a childs curiosity quilt and for pure romance it’s hard to beat Wedding Rings

  304. Kelly Paquet says:

    In the cooler months I love to handsew gifts and quilts. And I have 25 grandchildren I still need to make quilts for! I love charm quits made with small pieces of many colors, and the nine patch block is a favorite of mine. I’ve made a lot of those. I like the Grandmother’s Flower Garden, too, and have made a pillow with that pattern. The log cabin is an easy, fun one that always turns out beautifully. I love the mariner’s compass but have not dared make it yet! I guess my favorite would be the sweet and simple nine patch!

  305. Denise says:

    My favorite quilt block changes with each quilt I make. Currently I like the rail fence or log cabin block because there are fewer seams to meet when putting together the quilt top. I would like to try your whirlygigs quilt pattern.

  306. Terri Lynn says:

    One of very favorite blocks is the Pineapple block. So many different variations and color combos available.

  307. Diana DeGeneres says:

    My favorites change but currently my fave is the Attic Window. Finding those 3 contrasting shades is so fun.The Depth and 3D effect is always a Pleasing Surprise. Extra embellishment with beautiful stitches adds a personal touch.

  308. Bahma Terri says:

    I love the Drunkard’s Path block.

  309. Kathy Routh says:

    I love the log cabin as a traditional block, but also like the many things I’ve seen done with the twister templates.

  310. Maureen says:

    I love Grandmother’s flower garden. I have such a sense of accomplishment when completed. I become very nostalgic thinking of all the hand stitches that have gone into each quilt.

  311. Kate says:

    Card trick! Second is courthouse steps…..but so many are fun! It’s hard to choose, almost like fabric. Love it all!

  312. Kathleen King says:

    I love nine patch blocks. there is so much you can do with them. I am a beginner. Oh to make some baby quilts with the prize material. yummy

  313. Donna Hawley says:

    If I have to pick just one it would be the Drunkard’s Path. It’s an interesting block and it offers so many different setting options.Thanks for offering this awesome prize.

  314. Carol Sharman says:

    It was a wonderful photo of a Double Wedding Ring quilt that first got me hooked on quilting. But I love all the old traditional blocks. Thanks for offering this great prize.

  315. Heartsdesire says:

    My favourite block is the 9-patch. This block is a classic and so versatile. I’ve made many scrappy 9-patch quilts, big and small, and I never tire of playing with many different fabrics that go into make these blocks.

  316. Pat Olson says:

    My favorite is the log cabin because it was the first I learned and the one that uses up so many scraps.

  317. Jean Carpenter says:

    I am pretty new to quilting and I have only made a 9 patch block. I am anxious to make a dresdan plate. They are so homey looking. I am really loving this! Thanks for the chance to enter a really great giveaway.

  318. Judy says:

    My favorite is the Mariner’s Compass block because it is so striking.

  319. There are so many styles, one of my favorites is the crazy quilt ,its amazing how pretty they turn out . I made a crazy quilt jacket for my sister, it turned out beautiful. Also I like the 9 patch. I love the way the log cabin turns out ,in so many different ways. I saw a quilt on a magazine it was really cute it was called the Pinwheel, someday I would like to make it . My Mom always trying to teach us girls about sewing and Quilting, I am so glad I watched and learned. Thank You ,Dixie

  320. Vicky Smith says:

    I am very new to quilting but I have recently learned the Log Cabin block and found that very fascinating to construct.

  321. Sandra Wise says:

    The bear paws is my favorite block because my home is decorated with “lodge” decor and that pattern fits right in and is realitively simple to make.

  322. Corinne says:

    I really like Log Cabin blocks. It is the first I ever made, and I still think it looks great, even though it’s easy enough for a beginner.

  323. Barbara Johnson says:

    I would have to say the pinwheel. It reminds me of my Grandma when I use to spend the nights at her home.

  324. Judi Reiss says:

    I ove to make stars with pinwheels as the center block. I know there is a name for this block but it escapes me right now! It is fun to use up scraps as the pinwheels and have one constant as the background.

  325. Linda Rufi says:

    My favorite pattern is Card Trick. I can use 5-7 colors in one small walling hanging and it is pretty easy to do.

  326. Karen Sheppard says:

    Favorite quilt block? That’s like asking what’s my favorite child. I like so many of the blocks – the fun is in the challenge of making them unique by use of color, harmony and contrast, for a quilt that is uniquely mine.

  327. holly says:

    Log cabin is my favorite. So many variations.

  328. Kim B says:

    My favorite is the Log Cabin but I also love the pinwheel.

  329. diane boyer says:

    Love them all. . .

  330. Janora Hayes says:

    Just one favorite quilt block? Wow, currently I am in love with Jacob’s Ladder.

  331. carolee c. says:

    I love the dresden plate block! I’m a newbie right now but definitely want to try that one.

  332. Tricia says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Dresdan Plate. So many variations and all are great. This is not an easy block to piece but, new templates and other guides have made it easier.

  333. Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite quilt pattern is the Log Cabin, but… I am still partial to the old 9 Patch. The 9 Patch was the first quilt I ever made at age 10 back in the 1950s’ I have also had my 4th grade students make a 9 Patch quilt block. The boys always end up liking it and often doing better than the girls.

  334. Leslie says:

    I think my favorite block is the churn dash. That’s the first block that came to mind as I read the question, so it must be at least one of my favorites that jumped to the top for the moment! Thanks for the chance to win a very nice give-a-way!

  335. Mary says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Pinwheel. You can blow it, run with it and watch it spin or put one or more in your garden and enjoy. A garden quilt with pinwheels. Memories.

  336. Lisa says:

    my all-time favorite quilt block is the log cabin. I love piecing the strips and the contrast from light to dark. But the best part is to create a pattern once all the blocks are finished to see just how the quilt will turn out!

  337. Kimi F says:

    I’m drawn to the Churn Dash block for no particular reason other than it just appeals to me.

  338. Anna Koziol says:

    My favourite block is the Log Cabin.
    After a busy day at work, putting together a log cabin block is sooo relaxing. It is not complicated and there are so many variations but most importantly it soothes me and makes me feel at least I have been a little bit creative.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  339. I like the Twister. somewhat difficult if you are not paying attention, but oh so cute in any fabric!!! I saw a Christmas Wreath made with the Twister pattern at the International Quilt Show in Houston this past week!!! Oh so cute!

  340. Marcia Hutchings says:

    Railroad is my favorite because it is so easy to sew and their many ways to arrange the block o get the look that you want.

  341. Peggy Dixon says:

    My favorite block is Attic Windows and I love it because your can use fussy cut images or embroidered images as the window and frame them with great coordinating fabrics.

  342. How cute is this. Does anyone ever actually win??

  343. katiesmimi says:

    My favorite block would have to be the disappearing 9 patch. You are never quite sure how the quilt will turn out and no two quilts ever look the same.

  344. Jane says:

    I am fairly new to quilting, I love pinwheels and log cabin blocks. I would love to try my hand at a sampler quilt also, way too many projects I’d love to tackle.

  345. Kaitlin Cuartes says:

    I would have to say a scrappy Log Cabin.. It is still an all time favorite.. I love all the color possibilities…Even a bigginer can do a log cabin.. It always gives off a cozy feel…

  346. Cindi C says:

    My favorite block would have to be the churn dash. It looks both complex and simple at the same time and I love the “old timey” feel to it.

  347. Ruth Robinson says:

    I love the Ohio Star and my second choice is the Dresden plate-they seem to fit into a lot of my quilting endeavors. They both also lend themselves to using scraps. I love scrappy quilts!!

  348. Judy R says:

    Just when I think I have found my favorite another block catches my eye! My favorite blocks to stitch are Star Blocks – so many possibilities….

  349. Judy A Allen says:

    My favorite block is a nine patch because I can use all the fabrics I get at a quilt guild’s fabric auction that I go to each year. Of course, winning more fabric would make me very happy. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  350. Marilyn says:

    I like working with the nine patch. So many designs can be made.

  351. glory elliott says:

    i love the log cabin block..it has so many variations and the use of many fabrics .

  352. Kat says:

    My all-time favorite is the Split Rail or Rail Fence block. It’s pretty basic. Simple in design, easy to construct, versatile in its end-use. It’s a great exercise tool to get back into the “sewing swing of things” after a long hiatus.

  353. Mary Gontjes says:

    Love the soft colors..Sooo nice,
    Happy Sewing,
    Mary Gontjes

  354. I love the pinwheel block and the whirligig quilts made from it. This prize package would be a great present for me to share with my mom. I am teaching her quilting to get her reengaged again after my dad’s recent death. Pick me Amy!

  355. teri c says:

    My favorite block is the bear paw. I love the variety of ways it can be used.

  356. Rita Long says:

    I like card tricks. It is intriguing how the design comes together.

  357. Gail says:

    I am currently looking for a shop to learn how to quilt. I love all this fabrics and colors. I particulary like the vintage look.

  358. JESSIE says:

    i love the lone star. you can do amazing things with it from simple to comples and the large blank squares and triangles give plenty of room for creative quilting or applique

  359. Donna says:

    I think it would have to be Ohio Star- lots of variations possible and combines so well with other 9-patch blocks and/or snowball blocks.

  360. Rossana Rathjen says:

    I’m just learning to quilt. The log cabin at the moment is what i can do. Next year the gosl is to learn more.

  361. Oh, I like so many it is hard to choose,
    but I will choose the Dresden Plate and the Fan block. and, of couse, Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I like their old fashioned feeling and with these I can use many scraps and I love scrap quilts! They are so charming!

  362. Linda says:

    9 Patch, it was first quilt I made.

  363. Denise says:

    My favorite is the House Block, followed by the Log Cabin

  364. cathy gillette says:

    believe it or not, I like the nine-patch and other single piece quilts because you can do such amazing things with the play of colors and texture. You cannot possibly compute all the variations and designs you can come up with with 36 little squares per block!!

  365. Allison C Bayer says:

    My favorite block is called Arrowhead. It looks like the Mexican Star, but so much easier to construct.

  366. Jeanne G says:

    Favorite pattern: Colorado Log Cabin
    It was the first quilt I made at my first quilt retreat, thanks to my quilter friend, Mary.

  367. Barbara G says:

    Truthfully, my favorite block is the one I’m looking at at any given moment. So much is dependent on the color scheme for me. Sometimes the simplest block is the most charming done in a clever color combination. Other times it’s the combination of different blocks – I just love them all!

  368. Aloma Marker says:

    Nine Patch because it reminds me of my Grandmother that I still miss.

  369. Karen T. says:

    I like log cabin blocks, because you can make totally different looking quilts just by changing the colors; where you position the light and dark strips.
    PS. I LOVE that tilting Santas quilt in the “My Christmas Best” booklet.

  370. Kate Gonzalez says:

    My favorite would have to be grandmother’s garden…even tho I have never made one! I just love the intricacies of the shapes and how they fit together. My second choice would have to be The double wedding ring! I made one of those for my mother years ago… Kate

  371. Bergere says:

    I love Shoo – fly. Right now I am in love with one block quilts though!

  372. JoAn GODFREY says:

    my all time favorite quilt is a double wedding ring. SOMEDAY mine will be done………..it has only been 11 years since i started it.
    to make a block i like all stars..

  373. Diane Serex-Dougan says:

    I love the Baltimore Album quilts and Crazy quilts.

  374. Debs Herold says:

    Log Cabin is my favorite block patternas it has been a standard for many , many years. It is suitable for all colorways and fabric patterns and can look totally different by just making very slight changes in the width, length, & position of the blocks.There are so many variations a person could spend a lifetime only making log cabin quilts and never do any two alike! How simple is that!

  375. Pam says:

    Only been quilting a few years and have no definite favorites. Have done 4 patch, 9 patch, log cabin.
    Not sure if quilters really have a “favorite” or we jsut LOVE them all!

  376. Judy S says:

    I would really like to try some more quilt blocks before I say I have a favorite….the only quilts I’ve finished all the way are rag quilts (which I love). Done all kinds of small projects but no quilt yet!

  377. Jeanne says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks again for all your great patterns!

  378. Geri says:

    What a great prize!

  379. Camilla says:

    I like the LeMoyne Star Block … I enjoy making stars! One can fussy cut and make beautiful patterns within the star…

  380. Sambagrammy says:

    I am the most indecisive person on the planet so it is hard to decide on a favorite, but with the premature arrival of a brand new baby grandson, I am all about anything baby boy. I see warm baby quilts in my future to wrap this tiny little guy in.

  381. The eight-point star has always been one of my very favorites, because you can do so much with the centers. I have been quilting so long, it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

  382. Veronica Christensen says:

    I love square in a square there are so many variations.

  383. Veronica Christensen says:

    I love square in a square there are so many variations of color and designs to make with this simple block. Paper piecing makes it extra easy.

  384. Wanda says:

    I love working the 4square patch. Hope I win. Good luck all quilters.

  385. Tammi says:

    I like the nine patch because so many variations can be made with it such as the contrary wife, simple nine patch, half triangles etc.

  386. Sharon H says:

    I love the log cabin, it was the first quilt I ever made. It also can be twisted so many ways to make unique paterns. Its a fun pattern. Thank you.

  387. Sharry says:

    My favorite pieced block is the drunkards path because it can be assembled in so many different and wonderful ways. I love doing crazy patch because it uses up scraps and gives me a chance to do some interesting embellishments. Appliqued baby quilts are quick and fun and are always well received by the babies.

  388. Judith Clifford says:

    Love the vintage look of your collection.

  389. jane says:

    Really, my favorite is the block I am currently working on! But I always gravitate towards triangles and pinwheels

  390. Judy C says:

    THis is tough as there are so many choices, but I have to go with Attic Window.
    So many ways to set it up for seasons,
    topics, memories. I often use it for charity
    quilts for children.

  391. I like the Card Trick block. I haven’t tried making it yet but I like the way it looks.

  392. Kim says:

    It’s a toss up between two, the pinwheel and the nine patch. Both can be changed so drastically with different materials. The pinwheel seems so happy to me, and the nine patch is just so simple.

  393. Ruchama Burrell says:

    I love kaleidoscope blocks. Precision coupled with the pleasure of watching the patterns come together in a new way makes these second only to my first love, crazy quilting.

  394. Debra Bopp says:

    I love the log cabin and variations of it. So many ways to use it and cutting it up and re-doing it is fun!!

  395. I love the log cabin block & rail fence block because they are so easy to make but offer endless variety. My true love is crazy quilt since the sky’s the limit and it’s as easy or challenging as I choose to make it.

  396. mary stewart says:

    I love the pinwheel block. I discovered at Missouri Quilt company the easiest way to make perfect pinwheels and it is truly amazing and the ease makes it my favorite!

  397. Karen says:

    My all time favorite is the log cabin followed closely by the crazy patch and rail fence.

  398. Chris in OK says:

    The log cabin has always been my favorite. The placement of each block, the play of lights and darks can dictate so many looks.

  399. Claudia says:

    There are two baby girls “in process”, so Auntie must get her machine humming after the holidays. My favorite block: ah, so many, but I really love hexagons, and this would make sweet tumbling blocks, wouldn’t it?

  400. Teresa Arment says:

    My favorite blocks are tumbling bocks and bow tie. I love the quilts from the 30’s and 40’s.

  401. Chris says:

    I think the Rail Fence block is one of my traditional block favourites (along with Pinwheel and Log Cabin!)

  402. Annette Burke says:

    My absolute favorite is the double wedding ring. You can adapt this pattern to any themed fabric and I love it.

  403. Elaine says:

    My favorite design is a butterfly that I designed and my grandmother pieced and quilted for me. I
    did all the embroidery with black thread as is done on the Dutch Girl. She made Dutch girl quilts for all nine of her grandchildren and I helped with the embroidery on those too. Wonderful memories !

  404. Gay says:

    I don’t really have a favorite block but I love any traditional quilt blocks and patterns.

  405. Lynne Weinberger says:

    The pinwheel is bright and sweet – it would be perfect with Baby’s Childhood Days fabric.

  406. Lynn says:

    My favorite is any of the ‘Rose of Sharon’ blocks!

  407. Wendi Unrein says:

    I am a hand sewer. I havent done a quilt yet but want to do one by hand. I love the Once Upon a Time kit you have in your store.

  408. GayDell Trumblee says:

    Cathedral window is my favorite. I sew blocks of 12 together & take 2 or 3 blocks with me when I travel, I love auditioning the fabric colors for the windows & this is easy and relaxing to work on in front of the tv.

  409. Julie says:

    I love the Mariner’s Compass block and all it’s variations — intricate piecing and striking graphic appeal.

  410. Connie says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin. Great way to use up scraps and easy to piece.

  411. Rose Landon says:

    I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite but high on my list is Bears Paw and Pinwheel. There are so many great patterns and you could never make them all but I am trying! That’s one reason I love quilts and quilting so much.

  412. Oh my. My favorite quilt is the strip quilt. Everyone can do it. Use all of your scraps and special pieces to make a beautiful quilt everyone will love. Pieces from your children or parents clothes are pieced together and used like our great grandparents would have. Nothing goes to waste and it is economical. I love scrap/strip quilts. You can turn your squares into pin wheels, circles, houses, animals, you name it. Everyone should really try it. Sometimes I pair strip quilt blocks with a yo-yo at the center of each meeting block strip.

  413. Beth J beal says:

    I love the Dresden Plate. It can be varied depending on what type of tip you add and because it is a round pattern, it can be combined with some other patterns for an unlimited array of designs!

  414. Kathy Norquist says:

    I love Vintage, and am especially interested in felted wool applique. I enjoy using simple log cabin and nine patch with wool, and embellishing with embroidery, buttons, etc.

  415. Patti says:

    I am not a quilter, but love what I see!

  416. Debbie Higgins says:

    I love most all of them, but I think the snowball is a wonderful block. Beginners can easily stitch one and find gratification on a creating avery pretty quilt while a more advanced quilter can use this block in so many variations i.e. focus block for fabrics, a friendship block, a spacer block for another block pattern, forming another focal point by positioning the block different ways, etc.

  417. Cindy H says:

    The second real quilt I made was a log cabin and I think that will always be my favorite since I was so impressed that I could actually do it! πŸ™‚

  418. charla says:

    i like the pinwheel-it can be scrappy and still look good-
    seems so light-hearted.

  419. Linda Poore says:

    I have a quilt my grandmother made and she called the block “Kansas Sunflower”. It has gathered petals around a center. Quite unique and handmade by her many years ago.

  420. Cathy Lee says:

    I love most all quilt patterns. My favorites would probably be the fan block and the zig-zag pattern. You can get really creative with the designs.

  421. Lori Smith says:

    I am drawn to the simplicity of nine patch blocks, and any quilt that is scrappy!

  422. Mary Gaul says:

    I like the nine patch,because you can do so many things by arrangind the blocks. Also the Dresdan Plate always turns out so pretty.

  423. Linda says:

    I like the log cabin block. It is a versatile block that may be manipulated to give various results. Love the fabrics.

  424. Robin Crittenden says:

    my favorite block is the log cabin because just the way you lay it out will give you so many choices on pattern. But if that were not around, the basket block always calls my name.

  425. Cindy Craddock says:

    Drunkards path. It can be made in many sizes and put together in so many ways! A truely versatile.

  426. Jean Klein says:

    Since I use Electric Quilt software to design quilts and quilt blocks, my favorite quilt block is the one I am creating at the time. I love everything quilting and enjoy finding new fabrics lines and exploring old books for inspiration for new blocks. I have a new grandchild coming and would love to use your wonderful new fabrics.

  427. Lisa Cummings says:

    I really like Dresden plate. Maybe because I like dishes so much!

  428. Cyndy Hearn says:

    The good old “log cabin” and all it’s variations. I’m getting ready to tackle some hexagon “cabins” again soon. Thanks Amy for all the inspiration and great giveaways!!!

  429. Phyllis Jobe says:

    My favorite block is Grandmothers Flower Garden because it reminds me of simpler times.

  430. I just love all the fabrics, hard to choose. My favorite quilt block has to be stars. Because we are all someone’s STAR! Thanks for all the ideas!

  431. Ann Barnhill says:

    I enjoy doing paper piecing and also like doing applique. My favorite block is new york beauty in batiks.

  432. sheri ceglarek says:

    I love the crazy heart block, cuz I can make with dif wild colors to match the personality of person I am making quilt for!

  433. Audrey R says:

    My favorite quilt blocks are house blocks because it gives me a feeling of friendship. My quilt bee just finished a house block exchange and I am making it into a wall hanging.

  434. Wanda says:

    I am a big fan of the 4patch block. I am new at quilting.

  435. I would have to say the “square in a square” block is my FAV. The reason is because it looks like a tiny frame for anything you want to “fussy cut” and put in the window. I have used this block many times to frame my fav things. I love to transfer photos and frame them in the center.
    Great giveaway package! Thank you.

  436. Stephanie says:

    I love the flowers because of the color combination.

  437. Angela B. says:

    My favourite block at the moment (I always find a new one to love!) is the thimble shape. I am working on a mini quilt with that right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  438. Krista Lindner says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Dresden Plate. My grandmother’s Dresden Plate quilt had bright yellow centers with green and red petals, it was hand quilted and is a family treasure.

  439. Karen Harrison says:

    Whirlygigs and My Christmas Best, can’t decide, I love them both.

  440. Sabrina Abraham says:

    my favorites are the wedding ring quilt, I have always wanted one, and hope to make one someday and also the fan quilt. The are beautiful heirloom quilts that I have always wanted.I do also like the dresden plate quilt…love them because I want them! πŸ™‚

  441. Virginia says:

    My favorite quilt block is the “Dresden Plate”. We can make it with each petal a different fabric to use up our stash leftover or can make it as a whole cloth.

  442. Margy says:

    What beautiful fabric…Currently, I am a “black and white” quilter so my favorite pieces of the line are the ones that are made up of those two colors. They are so beautiful and would make a great quilt for my sewing friend!!!

  443. Wendy says:

    I love pinwheels! Great for using up your stash…making room for NEW fabric πŸ˜‰

  444. Jennifer P says:

    I love a simple rose of sharon applique and I use it a lot. It can be machine or hand stitched and can be very formal or very whimsical depending on fabric choice. You can also layer it in ever smaller motifs to change the mood. I would love to use these fabrics on a quilt for my new granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  445. nicole says:

    I’m pretty new to quilting, and I really like the Whirlygigs! Thanks!

  446. My favorite block is the pinwheel star because it has such movement in the quilt!

  447. ungermom says:

    I love lots of blocks, log cabin is one I like a lot. Amazing what effect you can achieve with this one with using colors wisely.

  448. Lois DeRoest says:

    I love to paper piece because you can make such intricate blocks quickly without worrying about cutting the pieces to exact measurement.

  449. Maryann Daniels says:

    I am always drawn to the old traditional blocks, because of their history, i think. My very favorite is the log cabin. I have seen some beautiful quilts using this block. I have only made one full-sized quilt using log cabin, but plan to do another in aquas soon!

  450. Sharon says:

    My favorite this month is flying geese. It is a block that can help change a quilt from ordinary to extraordinary. I have been hearing the geese fly over as they flock up tohead south and always want to make more of the flying geese block at this time of the year. It would be a good time to make some baby quilts with this block someplace in the design. Thanks for combining the ideas of my favorite block with a favorite quilt to make–one for a new baby.

  451. Gay Boston says:

    My favorite is Storm at Sea, because of the wavy effect the blocks give, even though all the pieces are straight lines. For these adorable fabrics, though, I’d want to make blocks that showcase them… perhaps a 9-patch of the solids alternating with blocks of the prints. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your talents with all of us so freely! Your videos are great teachers!

  452. Gail Steffen says:

    My favorite block is Log Cabin, probably because it is the first quilt I made, but Monkey Wrench and its variations have given me lots of happy hours.

  453. kraftyiam says:

    Newbie here. My first stab at quilting moons ago resulted in it being so thick I stopped and turned it into a mini pillow. Thus, I enjoy all of the quilt blocks here, your website, ’cause they are sure beautiful-I know it isn’t easy. It would be incredible to win. Thanks for the chance.

  454. Christine Ziegler says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a favorite,,,yet. I’m new at this. Want to design my own in the warm colors of nature. Or with the fabric you show on the photo, I’d most likey make a baby quilt adding appliques. It’s time to sew and start out small!

  455. Maureen says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the Drunkards Path.

  456. Cyndi says:

    I agree there are SOOO many wonderful blocks and so little time. I enjoy making the double friendship block and use it often for block swaps. It lends itself to a variety of fabrics and your fabrics would look wonderful in that block! Thank you!

  457. Cheryl C says:

    This is a difficult question…there are so many I love! I have to say I’m always drawn to the feather star pattern. I haven’t made one yet, but hope to one day.

  458. Helen says:

    The pinwheel block is my favorite because it’s whimsical and uses scraps.

  459. Stjephanie Mansdoerfer says:

    How generous you are with your giveaways and with so many fun ideas! Thank you! It’s so hard to pick one quilt block design as a favorite but I love the log cabin. It is a trusted design for many generations and is quite versatile. There are so many variations possible and it is easy to make. Thanks again!

  460. Helen Bicknell says:

    There are so many beautiful blocks described in this blog. Every time I make a quilt block, I love it. I truly enjoy any star block, but the one that brings back so many memories is the Dresden plate. My mother and I made my first quilt with the Dresden plate. We had fun and it was wonderful working with her on the quilt. I still have it although I don’t use it anymore–it keeps her near to me.

  461. Mary says:

    My favorite block is the Log Cabin. I love it because you can get so many different looks to a project just by turning the blocks a different way.

  462. Lynn Sletta says:

    I have always loved working the Dresden Plate block in various patterns. It’s a traditional block that always brings back good memories of learning to sew quilts with my mother and grandmother.Thanks so much for offering a chance to win this wonderful give away.

  463. Becky says:

    Love this fabric!!!! Great seeing you reperesented at Country Living in Atlanta!

  464. Liz Smith says:

    I love using the 9 patch because you can work any other block with it to make any kind of quilt. Put it on point, add plain blocks, put embrodiery blocks with it, just let your imagination flow.

  465. Rebecca says:

    I have many but will say Kansas Troubles. My nephew picked that as the quilt he wanted me to make him as a reward for coming back to Missouri from Utah to help with the aftermath of a tornado.

  466. Barbara says:

    I have several favorites….but I have always been drawn to stars, pinwheels and Dresden plates.

  467. Sharon B says:

    I am new to quilting so I like smaller projects – haven’t ventured into alot of blocks – but I am going to start a spool quilt for my sewing room . So I guess that is my favorite block

  468. Sheila Furr says:

    I love so much of Amy’s work and Indigo junction. Such Talent! i really like the bow tie, but my favorite is the log cabin. I know that it is a very common pattern, but to me it represents life: as you put it together you are building the events of your life-some bright some dark, some just there. When it is complete it shows a pattern of the events hope and strength of life.

  469. Theda says:

    The Log Cabin block is one of my favorites, the combinations are endless. Next would be Pin Wheels. I love quilting!

  470. If I have to pick just one it would be Log Cabin, the first quilt block I learned to make.

  471. Jeanne says:

    I have been sewing Indygo Junction patterns forever. I now have my first grandbaby and would love to make a quilt from this sweet fabric.

  472. Donna says:

    My favorite is the 9 patch. I know – sounds a bit lame but it really is versatile – it’s also the block I used in the first quilt I made that was given to my oldest so it’s also a sweet memory!

  473. Sheri says:

    My fav would have to be the log cabin block. I love taking a pile of scraps and having one of these blocks emerge…..then combining them in unlimited layouts……stunning!

  474. Kathy Kauth says:

    I love most quilts too, especially the dresden I prefer colors that flo together and not a mis match I am new to quilting but want to try one this winter a smaller project to start with to see if I have the skills which are needed.

  475. Diane Laughridge says:

    I love the wedding ring block. I also love art quilts that just evolve and have no real pattern.

  476. cindy coven says:

    My favorite block is the Ohio star. I don’t know why I just love it.

  477. Pat C says:

    Anything with stars!!

  478. Denny says:

    I love most any quilt block. My current project is a log cabin block, so i’ll pick that as my favorite. Thanks for doing this.

  479. Judy says:

    Card trick–no churn dash—no log cabin—-to pick one–oh well–guess it will have to be the log cabin. So many to love. A new baby will join us soon–will need to decide-made his daddy a log cabin.

  480. Jayne Griffith says:

    I love the churn dash. It always makes me smile.

  481. Kellie says:

    Carpenters Star is my favorite.

  482. Diane English says:

    My favorite is grandmother’s flower garden. I remember spending many happydays watching her work on that quilt. Thank you for the contest. I LOVE the Amy Barickman Baby’s Childhood Days fabric collection!

  483. Kristy Vander Laan says:

    I love the Dahlia, so pretty and girly !!!

  484. Sharon's SnippetsSharon says:

    I have to say the log cabin..was the first quilt I made and I still love it today.

  485. Sylvia Meyer says:

    I love the log cabin blocks. You can use so many of your small stash pieces and put the blocks together in many ways. It always has a warm timeless feeling.

  486. Vicki Lang says:

    Right now my favorite block is twin sister. I’m making quilts for my twin granddaughters with this block in it. The block also has a great second design.

  487. Deborah W. says:

    Actually, I never met a quilt block I did not like – each plays an integral part in the creation of a quilt. I suppose when I do traditional quilts, the intent of the quilt, the fabric, the colors, the time of year, my mood at the moment, these all play a role in what becomes my favorite block of the moment.

  488. SONJA HANSEN says:

    Thanks! I love Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

  489. shellie says:

    the log cabin has always been my favorite and I also LOVE appliques!!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  490. Sheilah says:

    My all time favorite block is Cathedral Windows! You can make it casual or quite retro!

  491. My favorite is flying geese. There are many ways to put this pattern together and it’s wonderful for scrap quilts.

  492. katie paxton says:

    I love the churn dash. It is simple in design yet eye catching.
    Thank you for this giveaway.
    Good luck to all.,

  493. Terri says:

    Not so much a “block” as a childhood memory: I used to sit with my grandmother and “help” her quilt. Her favorite was making a crazy quilt because she said every piece of fabric reminded her of a crazy story–she used pieces she cut or tore from shirts that were worn out and would even sew a button on if it had a particular memory. I would sit for hours with her, listening to her stories, and quilting with her–well, sort of. Grandma would thread a needle without a knot in the end for me and I remember sewing endlessly with that needle and thread. For me, not so much a favorite block, but a favorite memory.

  494. Donna Holman says:

    Attic window is my favorite because if was the first quilt I made for my first grandchild!

  495. Connie Pietrala says:

    Weather vane is my favorite It makes great secondary designs besides having good proportions on its own.

  496. neena simmons says:

    my favorite is the snails trail. I love the way it moves. Thanks for a chance to win!

  497. Oooh this one is easy my favorite pattern id autumns journey i made this at a mystery quilt class and fell in love so made bigger blocks for my king size bed. I also love nutmag stars.

  498. Jean MN says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Double Wedding Ring. I have done a few different DWR’s and am still in love with this pattern. It translates very well with whichever fabrics one wants to use. These would look wonderful for a baby DWR birth quilt. As I have a grandchild due in April, this would be inspiration to make another.

  499. Kathy Riley says:

    My favoriteis any kind of crazy quilt. It has so many variations.

  500. Inez Fay Hulsey says:

    My favorite is the grandmothers flower garden. My mother won one in a raffle back in the 1940’s. The hexagons were the size of a nickle Loved that all hand made quilt .

  501. Peggy says:

    The 9 patch is my favorite. I have 9 children so that represents my family!! I have a barn quilt of the 9 patch and each square is the birthstone color of my children. It is a joy to see it everyday and think of my children.

  502. Theresa says:

    I love the wedding ring quilt pattern. It is so beautiful when made into a complete quilt; with the right material.

  503. Judy says:

    I like the no-waste method of putting together the flying geese unit. It is used in so many blocks that I can’t pick a favorite square block, but love the unit block.

  504. Peggy Rogers says:

    I have a new granddaughter due in February and would love to make a baby quilt with this pack!

  505. Ruth Gerike says:

    I saw what was called the “granny’s star” in a quilt magazine, and I really liked it, and then the tried and true “nine patch”, as it can be sewn together to take on some many different looks, and add in a few half square triangles here and there. The fabric give away is awesome, and with just getting started in quilting, the templates would be great !!

  506. Donna Joy says:

    I have always liked Winding Ways or Storm at sea. The colors flow to create interesting new designs. Really liked your floral Petals bag, and your whirligig quilt.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  507. Patricia J. Conner says:

    My favorite is the log-cabin. It was the first quilt that I remember as a child my mother showing me how she made it. She would also add here and there a yo-yo or two.

  508. My very favorite quilt block is the Drunkards Path. It is challenging but so much fun.

  509. Karen A says:

    Building Blocks is my favorite and with my first grandchild due in March this would be quite a surprise! Karen

  510. kelly toth says:

    Definately a log cabin girl

  511. Jackie OBrien says:

    My favorite block is One Block Wonder – every quilt is a mystery until it is finished. I have made 47 One Block Wonders

  512. Sheryl says:

    I agree with Jan, so fun to do the log cabin and nine patch~changing it a bit adds some self creativity too. I also like the quilted jacket pattern you have. Need to put that on my wish list.

  513. Kathryn Laposata says:

    My favorite block is Young Man’s Fancy, which I used to make a pillow for my husband the first Christmas we were dating. Kathie L in Allentown

  514. mandy weaver says:

    I’m loving the churn dash block done in 30’s right now

  515. Judy Sullivan says:

    The log cabin is one of my favorites. It’s simple yet can be put together several ways with different fabrics.

  516. kathleen says:

    I love the nine patch star – when I furst learned to sew it seemed so magical. Plus a star enlivens any quit

  517. K Wall says:

    Basket blocks are my favorite and just about any applique block. What a nice quilter’s prize pack.

  518. Kristy Remme says:

    The log cabin quilt block is my all time favorite! It reminds me of home and our interconnectedness with those around us.

  519. Mary says:

    My favorite block is “snail trail”. It shows movement, flowing nature and can be used to create many different designs.

  520. Carolyn Hamilton says:

    The Sunbonnet Sue is my favorite block. My great aunt made a quilt for me when I graduated from high school, now I’m making one for my soon-to-be great grand daughter, only this one will be crib size.

  521. Jan Hood says:

    I love applique. One can make the most beautiful blocks with applique and the amount of fabric in just one blocks can be numerous. What more could one ask for than using many different fabrics in just one block. So many stories can be told with an applique pattern.

  522. Jan Ross says:

    Favorite block is the log cabin. It looks complicated when it’s so simple to make and works well when surrounded by simple blocks such as the nine-patch or even a plain block.

  523. Lillian says:

    It’s hard to have a favorite block. I like all the traditional ones – log cabin, pinwheel, etc. Guess I’m a traditional gal.

  524. I love the log cabin – it is so versatile and easy to do – it can be changed around to look like a completely different block – I can be very creative with it.

  525. Pam says:

    I love the nine-patch and would LOVE to have some of these fabrics to make quilts for the twins my daughter is expecting in May!

  526. Judy Matlock says:

    My favorite quilt block is Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Altho my mother was not accomplished with needle and thread, she managed to make several flower garden quilts — each one taking hours of loving effort as they are all hand stitched and hand quilted. Someday I may try to make one with today’s created methods — by machine.

  527. Maribeth says:

    Log cabin is my favorite quilt block. There are so many variations of it too. Great prizes-beautiful fabric!

  528. Ute says:

    I love all the traditional quilt blocks,but I’m not very skilled at sewing, so the nine-patch block is the one I do the most

  529. Cecelia says:

    I love the log cabin block – pieced traditionally or in a creative and contemporary look. I was one of the first blocks I made.

  530. Tamsyn says:

    My favorite block is the Ohio Start. Beautiful fabric and wonderful giveaway. Thank you.

  531. Penny Smith says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin block. It was the first quilt I made and still my favorite.

  532. Shirley Harrison says:

    I don’t know how to blog, but my favorite quilt block is the star. Its always a good fallback when I need to put something in the corners of my borders.

  533. sherelyn nichol says:

    What a wonderful prize pack. Cou;d be lots of fun!

  534. Evelyn says:

    I like the rail fence and the 9-patch because of their simplicity and versatility.

  535. Shirley Gilchrist says:

    These fabrics are adorable. They would be a great start to my Grandmother’s Hope Chest (a term I heard that Martha Pullen uses to describe items made or collected for a hoped for grandchild).

  536. Mary Gardner says:

    I love the Log Cabin quilt square and Nine Patch.
    These fabrics are beautiful- I am already planning something for our nephew’s first child due in the Spring!

  537. Jane T says:

    My favorites are the squares on the quilt named Housekeeping. I just can’t say one is my favorite.

  538. Nola McDaniel says:

    Sunbonnet Sue or Grandmother’s fan.

  539. Melanie says:

    My favorite is the nine patch. It was the first quilt I made and I love the look. Thanks for a chance to win.

  540. Judy Brennan says:

    Amy, love your blog! Love the fabric lines. SO much fun. And, where would we be without all the wonderful templates/rulers. You do a terrific job of making exciting things for all of us!!

  541. Myra Gutzwiler says:

    I love all of the traditional patterns. Your fabric lines are so appealing, and would be great in any pattern. I would love to win this package to add to my stash!

  542. Jeanne Zukowski says:

    I love these fabrics how beautiful and what a talented lady you are.
    My favorite quilt pattern is Double wedding Ring. For a quick quilt I like log cabin tied quilt. And I am learning applique,
    Thank you for this chance to win this beautiful fabric.

  543. Claudia says:

    Stars. All of them. I love trying new stars and try to put one in every quilt.

  544. Judy Wright says:

    I love most star blocks, but my favorite is the Martha Washington star. I love the way there is a block inside of another block.

  545. Marilyn Strain says:

    I love the Disappearing Nine Patch because it is certainly easy and can be made with every kind of fabric..from theme to vintage. It always looks different in every fabric.

  546. Debbie says:

    Picking a favorite quilt block is almost as hard as picking a favorite Indygo Junction pattern! There are SO many that I love! Guess I’d have to pick a nine patch, but it’s impossible to pick a pattern ~ love the purses, no~ the clothes, no~ the aprons, no~ the…. see?! It’s too hard!
    Thanks for such a challenge, just send me one of everything please.. LOL! πŸ™‚

  547. Georganna Cheek says:

    My favorite is the half square triangle, because it inspired my creativity, so many different paterens can be made from several of them.

  548. Jan Christenson says:

    My favorite quilt block is the Pinwheel. It reminds me of the quilt my grandmother made.

  549. Paula Klaassen says:

    My favorite is Wedding Ring — my mom spent hours and hours fussy-cutting each piece to make sure it was just right!

  550. My mother’s favorite and mine too is Wedding Ring. Well, that’s what she called it. She died before finishing a quilt of this pattern. I have a strip of it hanging on the wall to remember her.

    • Marilyn says:

      I love basket blocks and floral applique blocks…..and to combine them both.What a lovely give away!

  551. Margaret Bretherton in NZ says:

    I love Dresden Plate the best followed closely by Log Cabin – am a novice quilter but loving what I have done.

  552. LYNN FLEMING says:

    My Great Grandmother’s quilt was made of Dresden Plate block. I spent hours a child looking at the fabrics and made up stories about them.

  553. Wilma Searcy says:

    I really love the Sunbonnet Sue block. I made a bed quilt with it for my granddaughter, and now I am making the Sam block for her baby boy.

  554. drue hartwell says:

    I like Training Wheels. I like curves in most things, even my cars have curves (think an old Saab!!) I like how it’s straight lines up close (for sewing, obviously), but when you stand back it flows one pattern into the next. My second favorite is Monkeywrench, though not curvy, i like it’s old fashioned appeal.

  555. Anna Daly says:

    My favorite block is the nine patch. I love it because it is so easy and can be alternated with photos for a memory quilt!

  556. Susan Chesney says:

    I like the one-patch quilts like the tumbler block or the apple core. They look so scrappy.

  557. Hazel Dickinson says:

    I think my favorites are star blocks. I remember singing twinkle twinkle little star when a child & a star quilt would have been perfect!

  558. Marcia says:

    I love the look of Log Cabin quilts. That would be my favorite block, but I have only made one because there are so many different blocks to try. Fabrics call for certain looks, and with all the variety, how can you pick just one.

  559. Sara Rumbaugh says:

    I like the nine patch. It is so versatlle and produces dramatic results combined with other classic blocks.

  560. Cindy says:

    I love card trick! I think mainly because it looks complicated but is easy to piece together and, with the right fabric, turns out really nice.

  561. Becky P S says:

    I’ve made 9 patch and pinwheels and random/crazy blocks and disappearing 9 patch blocks. For me it depends on what fabric I am using as to what my favorite block pattern is!

  562. Cathy Estabrook says:

    My favorite block is the Ohio Star. As a child, I had a star quilt on my bed until high school (when I got too “cool” to have a quilt – wah!). Found out later that it was made by my dad’s aunt. Don’t know what happened to the quilt & didn’t know the pattern name until about 10 years ago when I started quilting.

  563. Bonney says:

    I love the nine square quilt. I know it’s very simple but it really showcases special fabric and it seems to work for so many uses. I also love the double wedding ring.

  564. Barbara Scofield says:

    I really like the Ohio Star block because it is the pattern my grandmother used to make a quilt for me back in the day when I was a little girl (during the 50s). I have taken very good care of it through the years, and it is one of my prized possessions.

  565. Jo Halm says:

    My current favorite is the pinwheel. I see them everywhere. They make me smile and feel happy!

  566. Marilyn Guidry says:

    One block that I really like is called Windblown. I needed a block once to make a black and white print quilt. That pattern appealed to me and made the most beautiful quilt so it has remained my favorite.

  567. Esther Russell says:

    I love all the traditional block designs that remind me of my Grandma Lucy, such as Dresden Plate, Churn Dash, and Log Cabin. She always had a quilt on the frame and I loved playing under the big tent.

  568. Rhoda Ebersole says:

    My favorite block is the log cabin for its timelessness.

  569. Abiga/Karen says:

    I have always wanted to try Dresden Plate, my favorite.

  570. Marjorie says:

    my e-mail for the above comment was incorrect. I’ve corrected it.

  571. Marjorie says:

    I love the log cabin pattern–there are so many things that can be done with this simple old fashioned block that begins with a square in the middle (or to the side).

  572. Carol Yates says:

    My favorite block (among several) is churn dash. I don’t really have a reason – it just appeals to me visually. I saw a quilt pattern that incorporated several sizes of churn dash blocks and it’s on my to-do list.

  573. Pamela Mace says:

    I actually love Log Cabin and Nine Patch quilts. They are simple, but showcase the fabric and look so vintage.

  574. sue feely says:

    my favorite is a hexagon quilt; it’s timeless!

  575. Vwren says:

    Monkey Wrench is my favorite pieced block because of it has such clean, striking graphic qualities. (Truthfully, I could name a dozen blocks and call each of them my favorite, lol)

  576. Sandi says:

    My favorite is the Dresden Plate. When I was a kid, my Mom had a quilt in that pattern that she got from her grandmother. Although I hated naps back then, I remember enjoying looking at all the fabric and try to find ones that matched until I would fall off to sleep. Thanks for asking this question. Great memories!

  577. Judy Ashlock says:

    My very favorite block is the bear’s paw, because of the striking effect it can have in a quilt using contrasting color. I would love to win the prize to use the fabric to make quilts for a pregnancy center for new moms who may have never seen a homemade quilt.

  578. kathy says:

    I don’t have a favorite block but I love to make quilt with baby collection and read the book too I have the vintage and notion bookand love it

  579. Miriam says:

    It would be hard to pick a favorite. So many neat ones! I am in the process ( a long one) of making By Wisdom a House is Built in the Country. Just not enough time in the day! You have so many neat things!!!!!

  580. Cindy Farmer says:

    The Homekeeping quilt is my favorite. This quilt tells the story of my life! The block with the sewing bird holding the scissors with the spool of thread and pin cushion in the background is my favorite block!

  581. Patty Ojeda says:

    I also love the pinwheel block! You can mix and match so much fabric with this one block and a quilt will look so good!

  582. Heather radcliff says:

    I love the snowball block.

  583. Shannon says:

    My favorite is Grandmother’s flower garden. It is the one that brings back childhood memories, my mother had one for many years that was made by a family friend.

  584. Jaye G says:

    Pinwheel is my favorite, they’re cheery and show more of your fabric choices print.

  585. Susan says:

    This is a hard one, as there are so many blocks that have great appeal. I think I’d have to say the Dresden Plate block is my ‘fave’ – it has translated well from traditional to modern layouts, dimensions and fabrics, and lends itself to both machine and hand assembly. The top reason, however, is the link to my Mother who also loved this block.

  586. LJ says:

    I love the pinwheel. I’ve seen lots of quilts lately that are using rainbow solids paired with lots of white.

    • Sandra Beck says:

      My favorite is hard to pick but I love the log cabin,drunkards path,& the dresden plate because they bring back so many memories of my grandmother. It would ne a privilege & honor to win anything from you.

    • Cindy Bart says:

      Being a newbie to quilting, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve always wanted to try to duplicate the Wedding Ring quilt though my Grandmother had mad for me and was stolen many years ago πŸ™ I even have her machine she made it on. πŸ™‚

    • Fran Borhart says:

      My favorite block is Jacob’s Ladder

    • I love the fan. My mother has made me, my husband, and my 2 children special quilts throughout the years. My favorite, she took samples of all the fabric from my sister’s and my sewing youth and made me a beautiful quilt of fans with a backdrop of white. The fans are so colorful. She started the quilt when I was 16 and finished it as well as gave it to me in my late 30’s. I just love it!

    • I don’t have a favorite block, but I lean towards simpler blocks because I love any kind of appliquΓ© over the blocks I have chosen as a foundation.

    • Kris says:

      I like the 9 patch because you can do so many different variations. I am a retired fibers teacher and it is the best one to use for teaching.

    • Susan Wallace says:

      I am a newbie to quilting. But I like the log cabin and the big squares.

    • TAMMY SNYDER says:

      Love the dresden and sunbonnet sue. Reminds me of traditional old quilts. Love a quilt with a used comfortable quilt. The kinds from the past.