Vintage Notions for Mom

It is official, there is less than a month until Mother’s Day. If you are still unsure of what to get mom this year, I have the ultimate gift waiting idea for you…a copy of Vintage Notions!


Vintage Notions was inspired by publications from The Woman’s Institute from around the 1920′s. These publications were full of ideas, inspiration and patterns and were shipped to women all across the country. Subscriptions to The Woman’s Institute helped many women build their own businesses and keep their families afloat during one of the most devastating economical times.

AB12300-4T vn

For this book, Amy curated the most inspiring articles along with her favorite patterns and recipes. She has put them together in a “monthly” format within the book so you can read along with the women of yesteryear. It’s amazing how the projects, recipes and advice are still so relevant today! Pick up a book for your mom (and yourself) and have a monthly get together where you make the recipe or project of the month!

AB12300-13T AB12300-10T AB12300-14T AB12300-9T


To learn more about Vintage Notions, watch the video below!

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Crossroads Couture: Urban Tote and Mod Tunic

Mod Top and TunicI love how the Mod Tunic looks made out of our aqua Crossroads Denim. Perfect for spring, don’t you think? Heavy enough for those cool mornings, but lightweight for the afternoon. Paired with the Urban Tote (featuring stunning embroidery) you are set for the day!


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Kitchen Stitches for Mom

Let’s face it – most moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Breakfast, lunch, dinners – think of the hours they have spent in that one room, making sure that you are well fed. How do you repay that? Well, I can think of two ways;

1. Sit your mom on the couch with a good book while you clean that kitchen for her! Or, better yet, take her out to lunch and hire a maid to do it.

2. Make that kitchen cheerful and fun by making her some embroidered dish towels from our new Kitchen Stitches line!

200-112 Lemonade Stand-1

Yep, once that stove is sparkling,  you can give her some gorgeous embroidered towels to hang on the handle. It’s like the grown-up version of your paintings on the refrigerator! We have teamed up with Dunroven to make these kits which incorporate vintage embroidery patterns with 100% cotton dish towels.

200-100 Daisy Love

We have 7 different styles of kits; each contain two dish towels and two vintage inspired embroidery patterns. This is a great craft for a gift. It is small, functional and it shows that you took a little time out to make something special. Or, if your mom is an embroidery fan, make it easy on yourself and just give her the kits!

200-110 Two Roosters

Find Kitchen Stitches online, or, better yet, check your favorite local craft store! If they don’t have them, be sure to tell them you need some Kitchen Stitches. And quick! Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

200-112 Lemonade Stand

200-108_Anchors200-106_Herbs TWLks ks2

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Fabric Friday: Ampersand’s 8 Days a Week

We are lucky to live in Kansas City where there is a huge pool of incredibly talented artists. Painting, jewelry, ceramics – you want it, we have a variety of great artists who can make it. We even have some fellow fabric designers! Ampersand Studio has been designing gorgeous home dec items for years, and now they have jumped into the fabric world. We think they are getting along swimmingly!

Their new collection is called 8 Days a Week and is available through Wyndham. Check your local stores for this great fabric.

37462-X37464-4 37463-X 37463-2 37459-X 37460-137461-2

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Springtime Zips for Mom

Head’s up folks! You have a little over one month before Mother’s Day. Now, that may seem like a long time, but if you make your mom a gift every year, as I do, it is time to start planning.


I’ve got the perfect idea for a Mother’s Day present, jewelry from our Springtime Zips collection! All moms appreciate jewelry and the pieces from this collection are fun, fresh, pretty and perfect for her! She can pin a brooch on anything from a jacket to a purse, making it a truly versatile piece of art.


The pieces can be made from either new or recycled zippers. If you need a stock of zippers but aren’t sure of what colors to choose, check out our zipper packs. The vintage color pack are especially fitting with this pattern.

What are you planning for Mother’s Day? If you need ideas, keep checking this blog…we are making moms happy this April!

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Crossroads Couture: Crossroads at Home

One of my favorite patterns of last fall was the Pieced Stool and Table. This pattern is just cool. It’s a great version of the ever popular pouf, with one special feature; you can actually sit on this pouf! I’ve made a million different poufs and no matter how much I’ve stuffed them, I still sink to the ground, making them only useful as footstools or decoration.


This footstool however can also be used to sit on (and I don’t mean for tiny folks, I mean anyone can sit on it!). We used it Bosal’s foam hassock as the insert. Admittedly they can be a little tricky to find, but when in doubt you can totally find it online. If you don’t want to use Bosal’s hassock, no worries, there are also instructions included for making your own foam insert.

5514 PIJ983CR-7T

There are quite a few different versions given in the pattern. The side table size (solid or Dresden plate), the footstool size (Dresden plate, pieced and solid), and a recycled version. That is a lot in one pattern! There are also two closure options, you can either whipstitch the bottom on, or if you think you will want to wash it, you can use a zipper closure.

5521The Crossroads Denim is a great fabric for this pattern. It’s substantial, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Not to mention, it’s easy to sew (which, lets face it, is a huge plus when working with thicker fabrics.)

I might be whipping a few of these up for my living room, where we lack seating. Where would you put one in your home?


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Mini-Me March: Audrey’s Afternoon and Peasant Top

On warm and sunny days, we far better things to do than worry about what we are going to wear. All we really need is to throw on a comfortable dress and get going. And, if you have to dress a kid or two, getting them in one garment is a lot easier than multiples! That is the beauty of Audrey’s Afternoon Dress and the Peasant Top & Tunic.

Audrey’s Afternoon Dress is sized for adults. With 3/4 length set in raglan sleeves, this classic a-line style pullover can be worn as a tunic or a dress. Darts at the bust-line give this dress a more feminine style. Make it with or without bias trim.


The Peasant Top and Tunic is a similar style, but made for kids. This pattern has a twist, you can make it from recycled men’s shirts!  Unique pockets made from the sleeve plackets add a creative touch. This pattern can also be made as a dress with contrast binding and gathered pockets from your favorite fabric.


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Be Inkandescent article with Amy Barickman

BeInkandescent, a e-zine written by and for entrepreneurs, recently published an interview that they had with Amy. To read more about how Amy’s background and her future ventures, check out the article on Amy’s blog. Also, if you are a business owner, or thinking about opening a business, BeInkandescent has some great tips and advice.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 8.30.44 AM

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Mini-Me March: Gathered to Fit and Grow With Me Aprons

They say that it is an important bonding experience to cook with your child. Not only does it teach them basic skills,(their future 18 year-old selves will thank you when they are on their own for the first time trying to make dinner!) they will also learn an interest in where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices. And you can teach them those secret family recipes that have been passed through generations.


However, anyone who has pulled the blender out of the cookie dough before they turned it off knows that cooking can be a mess. (Sorry Grandma, who knew that dough would hit the top of the cabinets!)


To help keep you and your helper clean, you might consider making a few aprons. Luckily we have a perfect pair for you, the Gathered to Fit and Grow with Me Aprons!


The Gathered to Fit Apron is sized for adults and features a continuous, adjustable neck and waist tie making a personalized fit simple! The sweet ruffle adds a feminine touch and the double patch pocket is a useful design detail. Simple to make and fun to wear.


The Grow with Me Apron is the same style as Gathered to Fit, but for kids. Won’t they feel special wearing the same style apron as you do? And you can make it in one or two coordinating fabrics. There is even an apron size for a 12″ doll! Although, I don’t know how much help she’ll be in the kitchen…


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Fabric Fridays: Solids + new quilt patterns!

A new trend in quilting is creating a quilt with all or mostly solid fabrics. With all the gorgeous solid colors available these days it’s hard not to want to highlight your favorites in a project. I mean, both Kona cotton solids and Bella cotton solids are available in over 250 different colors! That is just two brands of solids and doesn’t even count shot cottons, linens or organics.

A new crop of quilt designers are coming up with amazing ways to use these solids and combine them with small prints to create some thoroughly modern, bright and fun quilts. You may have noticed that on our website we have expanded (greatly!) our e-pattern download offerings. We have also started featuring guest designers who are creating great new e-patterns!

Here are some of the new guest designer e-patterns that we are selling that use solid fabrics to create beautiful quilts. And of course, one of our new quilt patterns that uses solids, our Modern America quilt!

PIJ981-2T Modern America QuiltWe are delighted to be carrying quilt patterns from Zen Chic. I love their use of negative space and solids in their designs.EZC10-2T Zen Chic Open Your WindowEZC07-2T Shine ThroughEZC01-2T The 33We are also carrying quilt patterns from Thimble Blossoms. Their light, bright and cheery quilts would be gorgeous in all or mostly solids.

ETB03-2T SwoonETB01-2T Fireworks ETB04-2T Puddle JumpingWe can’t forget this Chasing Rainbows quilt from Lilac Lane, it’s perfect for solid fabrics!

ELL01-2T Chasing Rainbows quilt

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